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Posted:  29 Mar 2009 14:56
Hi, I am trying to find the lyrics to the hymn, Thank You, Lord and it begins like this :-

I thank you Lord, for the trials that come my way, in the way I can grow each day, as I let you lead. Yes, I thank you Lord .....

If  anyone can help me with the lyrics, that would be great, as I would like to forward it to a friend who's never heard this hymn before.
Posted:  31 Mar 2009 01:37   Last Edited By: steveliu
Here you go...

Thank you Lord -Dan Burgess

As I thank You Lord for the trials that come my way
in that way I can grow each day as I let You lead
and I thank you Lord for the patience those trials bring
in the process of growing I can learn to care

But it goes against the way I am to put my human nature down
and let the spirit take control of all I do
cause when those trials come my human nature shouts the things to do
and God’s soft prompting can be easily ignored

I thank you lord with each trial I feel inside
that your’re there to help lead and guide me away from wrong
Cause you promised Lord that with ev’ry testing
that your way of escaping is easier to bear

I thank you Lord for the vict’ry that growing brings
in surrender of ev’rything life is so worthwhile
and I thank you Lord that when ev’rthing’s put in place
out in front I can see your face and it’s there you belong

It was such a beautiful hymn at Mass earlier. I felt very comforted that God was speaking to me at that very moment. I used to sing this hymn back in SN but somehow, I never really took note of how beautiful the lyrics were. How poignant and piercing.

It speaks about how I should really trust Lord with all my heart and not let my human nature take over it. Everything will be in its time.

Thank you Lord

Utube video:


Mp3 download

h t t p : / / r a p i d s h a r e . c o m / f i l e s / 2 1 5 4 1 1 6 2 0 / T h a n k _ Y o u _ _ L o r d . m p 3

Take all the spaces out....

Posted:  18 May 2010 02:24
This is wonderful to see again!  I first heard it in college (circa mid- 1970's) when a friend wrote a musical play about Paul -- she had been in the Continental Singers and used the music written from "The Apostle," including this piece.  It's about Paul at the end of his life, looking back on how faithful God had been to let "everything work together for good" in his life.
Posted:  12 May 2013 01:46
I have been longing for this song the lastcoleof weeks! I can only remember the tune but not the lyrics. I am so glad I finally found it by random searches of old Christian songs. I am so excited!
Posted:  05 Aug 2013 05:59
What a wonderful song! I heard this at yesterday's mass, and all of a sudden I felt peace... Thank You Lord!
Posted:  13 Apr 2015 06:11
Hi, I am looking for the Piano Sheet of "Thank You Lord for the trials that come my way" by Dan Burgess. if you can send it to me, it will help my daughter to sing it in  christian convention school.

Would you please send the piano sheet to my e-mail alanmtr1@gmail.com


Posted:  24 Aug 2015 20:55
Posted:  15 Oct 2015 18:44
I would also like the sheet music for "Thank You Lord (For the trials)...Thank you!

Beth S.
Posted:  26 Oct 2015 14:00
I have lost my copy of the sheet music - can you please send me a copy to sharonstroman@hotmail.com

Thank you in advance
Posted:  21 Dec 2015 02:49
I also would greatly appreciate the piano sheet music for "Thank You Lord (For the Trials." We'd like to sing a solo in church, but cannot find this anywhere. jones99306@yahoo.com

Mark J.
Posted:  06 Apr 2016 08:34
Where can I find the piano/sheet music to this song? Stevehoward2012@gmail.com.
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