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Posted:  26 Mar 2009 18:46
Posted:  29 Apr 2009 00:06
I hope this is the one your looking for..

Mercy Rewrote My Life

Verse: 1
For years I’ve traveled, the road all wrong,
oh my heart had lost it’s joy and song,
then grace placed me, right where I belonged,
when mercy rewrote my life.

Mercy, rewrote my life, mercy, rewrote my life
I could have fallen, but mercy rewrote my life.

Verse: 2
My mistakes, God turned into miracles,
all my tears he turned into joy, my past was forgiven,
my new name was written, when mercy rewrote my life.
Posted:  03 Feb 2010 16:40
Thanks it is a great blessing.
Posted:  03 Feb 2010 23:58
The chorus there is wrong...

Mercy, re-wrote my life, mercy, re-wrote my life
I could have fallen, my sould cast down

but mercy, re-wrote my life
Posted:  14 Feb 2010 05:14
wonderful song God is so good had it not been for is mercy then where would I be
Posted:  08 Apr 2010 09:51
Wonderful words. Praise God for his mercy!
Posted:  21 Apr 2010 08:58
I grew up with this song - Tammy Fay Baker version - great blessing
Posted:  18 Aug 2010 20:27
I love the mercies of God where would I be without his mercies
Posted:  02 Sep 2010 08:15
Thank you Lord  for your mercy is ertenal!
Posted:  12 Nov 2010 13:24
I luv this song it touches my heart
Posted:  15 Nov 2010 10:03
indeed we are who/where we are because of his mercy. he loved while we were still sinners n he continues to love regardless,ohh how mercyFULL He is.
Posted:  27 Nov 2010 14:06
Mike Murdock wrote this song, I believe, I heard him sing it on PTL years ago and could not remember the words but the tag line has stayed in my mind forever. I wish I could remember the tune for the verses. Anyone know where I could hear the melody?

I just saw on Facebook that Jimmy Swaggart recorded it on his Album, I Surrender All.

Great Song and message!
Posted:  06 Feb 2011 23:36
Posted:  20 Feb 2011 01:28
God's mercy rewrote my life i was really wretched. Thank you Lord for your mercies
Posted:  24 Feb 2011 15:56
Am who i am today because of his mercy. i have done many mistakes in my life repeatedly, but the mercy of God cover it all. That's why i can say "Thanks to the Lord because he is wealthy to be praised." I was a sinner but now am child of God, i was lost but now am found, because of his love
Posted:  20 Mar 2011 19:51
This song is touching. In those days a song writer had to be anointed before
A song like this could be written. Thank God for His mercy.
Posted:  09 Apr 2011 16:38
i'm just wondering who is the  real owner for this song i just want to tell this person thank a million for my heart ,mind, soul, and body have been bless and only hope the good LORD will continue to bless  his/her to write more of these for people like me who are back slide  and ready to return to home
Posted:  23 Apr 2011 02:52
thank u lord for your mercy,ur loving god.
Posted:  19 Aug 2011 08:02
This song is a blessing to me. Thank you Jesus for your mercy. I ask you Jesus in your Name, to continue to Bless our country and have mercy on America. Thank You.
Posted:  26 Sep 2011 06:26
Mercy rewrote my life
Mercy rewrote my life
I could have fallen my soul cast down
But mercy rewrote my life
Posted:  26 Sep 2011 06:30
For years I traveled a road all wrong
My heart had lost its joy and its song
Till grace placed me right where I belong
When mercy rewrote my life

Mercy rewrote my life
Mercy rewrote my life
I could have fallen my soul cast down
But mercy rewrote my life

(key change)
My mistakes God turned into miracles
And all of my tears He turned into Joy
Then my past was forgiven and my new name it was written
When mercy rewrote my life
Posted:  03 Oct 2011 20:33
Last night at church, the preacher whose mother wrote this song gave his testimony.  It was powerful.  You can go to inlandlighthouse.com and search media for Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011. At the end of his message, he tells of his mother writing this song, then he sings it.  Really powerful.
Posted:  29 Jan 2012 16:45
i thank God for this song for it brought joy to my heart as i realised that His mercy has re-written my life. i was almost drowning in my sorrow and could not forgive myself. Thanks be to God for His mercy endures forever
Posted:  31 Jan 2012 02:38
Jimmy Swaggart did make a recording of this.and it is good.... but there is a singer at his church named B.J. Vavassuer. I heard her sing this and it was the most powerful thing I ever heard ..if you can find her singing it.. you can feel the power of God coming through the television......
Posted:  10 Feb 2012 11:49
This song blessed me the very first time I heard it. If it was not for Your mercy my Lord, I would be just like the rose trampled by passerbyers. I have a new life, I have a new name, I am a new creation because of Your Mercy....Thanks Ps Jimmy Swaggart for this wonderful song.

God bless
Posted:  12 Feb 2012 22:54
Mercy. That I received when I was not worthy. Thank you Lord
Posted:  19 Feb 2012 22:05
I heard this song this morning,has been singing the chorus in my mind/heart ever since. I really need his mercy and grace now more than anything
Posted:  18 Mar 2012 19:54
Is there any better author than the Master? If He fills you with His presence, a glorius song you will compose for His glory!
Posted:  17 Apr 2012 14:03
i lyk this song
Posted:  06 Jun 2012 12:36
Thank God for His grace and mercy! Without his mercy, there would be no me. I was feeling distraught and tornup, when I heard this song, sung by J. Swaggert and it blessed my soul. Praise God, hallelujah, for mercy rewrite my life.t
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