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Posted:  08 Mar 2009 06:04
Does anyone know where i can get the chords to this song or does anyone have them? Thanks
By The Paynes
I'll lay my crown at the masters feet
Posted:  08 May 2009 22:52
Would you care to share the words of this song. I love it!  Sorry I don't know the cords.
Posted:  09 May 2009 06:11
I'll Lay My Crown 
Soon this life will end
And I'll hear the sweet sound
Saying child enter in
You've won a crown.
I don't deserve
Such Mercy and Grace
So there's one thing I'll do
When I see his sweet face
I'll lay my crown at the masters feet.
Then I'll bow down
As all nations crown
Him king of all kings.
I'll cry hallelujah my joy is complete
When I lay my crown at the master's feet

The good things I've done
Seem little to me
For if not for his love
I know where I'd be
So lost without hope
No future in view
So when I see my Lord
There's something I've got to do.

By The Paynes
Record is: Rapture
Posted:  31 Jul 2011 00:17
you can play this in a,d,e or also in G,C,D,  I hope this helps ya.
Posted:  11 Nov 2015 23:19
Thank You! I love this song, it is such a blessing.
Posted:  09 Jul 2016 15:56
Hallelujah hallelujah sit my crown at your feet and praise
Posted:  12 Jul 2016 00:01
I believe there are a few minors, if not then they are dimensions. don't know what key you sing this in? that would help.
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