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Posted:  13 Mar 2009 16:36
I´m looking for There Will Be No Shadows in the Valley of Death.  Does anyone know this old hymn?
Posted:  24 Mar 2009 18:13
The songs "the Lighthouse" and "Precious Memories" are found in the grey hymn book "More Songs and Hymns of Revival" from North Valley Baptist  Church in Santa Clara California.
Posted:  09 Jun 2009 02:10
I'm a soldier bound for Glory
I'm a soldier going home
Come and hear me tell my story
Those who love the savior come

Let me tell you what induced me
on my glorious life to start
twas the saviours love and kindness
overcame and won my heart

Many say that I'm to noisy
but I'll tell the reason why
If they only felt the glory
they would shout as well as I

I love Jesus Hallaluah
I love Jesus yes I do
I love Jesus, he's my saviour
Jesus smiles and Loves you too.
Posted:  30 Aug 2009 04:19
I'm looking for a old gospel song my grandmother used to sing with lyrics "I'ld rather be on the inside looking out than the outside looking in"

Please help
Posted:  30 Aug 2009 06:06
In the days of Noah just before the flood
When the wicked had all forgotten God
Brother Noah, built a boat which above God's wrath did float
And the people saw that they were made of mud
As the doors stood open with the gang planked out
Noah and his family entered with a shout
When the scufflers stretched their necks
Noah stepped out on the deck and said
I'm so glad I'm on the inside looking out

Oh I'd rather be on the inside looking out
Than to be upon the outside looking in
When the rain began to fall sinners on the Lord did call
But the door was shut and night was settin' in
Then old Noah from the window looking out
Gazed to heaven beyond the water spout
And he said I thank the Lord that I took him at his word
I'm so glad I'm on the inside looking out
[ fiddle - guitar ]
Good old Daniel lived in Babylon long ago
And he had the grace to tell the devil no
Though he prayed three times a day in the good old fashioned way
They said he to the lions den must go
And lions made him welcomed to their home
For they knew he was nothing but backbone
When the king looked in and said are you alive or are you dead
But I'd rather be on the inside...
Posted:  14 Oct 2009 00:29
Helo my dears bhothers...

I need so much the Baptist Hymnal word edition ....
Somebody can send for me?
my e-mail is  ri.nagy@hotmail.com

Thanks a Lot

Reverend Ricardo Nagy
Posted:  01 Dec 2009 10:23
This is my favorite Christian Song "Till the Storm Passes By" that means what ever the problem come from me I over come, becuase there's is GOD that i can lean on.
Posted:  04 Dec 2009 06:31
For guest Jan 7 2009
The artist you are speaking of is Danniebelle Hall
Posted:  04 Feb 2010 21:33
Thank you so much it has been a blessing for me to find this web and I will use it often.
Posted:  04 Feb 2010 21:39
I so much love hymns and a pleasrue that  I have gotten this resourceful website thank you so much for time put in and all of you who visit it.

Nsubuga Daniel
Posted:  08 Feb 2010 18:43
My friend's grandfather used to sing,
What will my answer be, what will I say,
as farther and farther I roam.....

She'd love the rest of the words to this old hymn...


Posted:  28 Feb 2010 08:50
i am looking for a song that is very old.  It has the words in it , Once there was a sinner girl who loved the master so.  The chorus goes neither do i condemn thee go and sin no more,  That is all that I can remember.  If anyone has the words to this song I would greatly appreciate it. 

Margaret Hartley
Posted:  13 Mar 2010 00:21
i need the worlds im a soldier i think the rochesters simg ot
Posted:  14 Mar 2010 04:47
Neither Do I Condemn Thee

By the crowd of worshipers, sorry for their sins,
Was a poor wanderer, rudely brought in;
Scribes came and Pharisees anxious to see
What the meek Nazarene's verdict would be.

Neither do I condemn thee, precious words divine,
From the lips of mercy like the sweetest chime.
Wonderful words of Jesus, sing them o'er and o'er,
"Neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more."

They told of her wanderings, making each flaw,
Spoke of her punishment, quoting the law,
Writing upon the ground sadly and slow,
But said He unheedingly, head bending low.

Still cried the Pharisee’s “pray Master pray
What shall we do with her, what doth Thou say
Then said he rebukingly let the first stone
Come from the sinless hands, hence and alone

Cheeks flushing with the shame, turning about
And from His presence, walking slowly out
Then sae we standing there, head bending low
He who the world despised, bade her sin no more

Spoke He most tenderly, pray, woman, pray,
Hast thou no accusers?" "nay, Master, nay,"
"Neither do I condemn thee, soul, sick and sore;
Go forth, I pardon thee, go and sin no more
Posted:  24 Apr 2010 02:22
I want to have a lyrics on Yes I Am by the Heritage Singers....thank you...
Posted:  31 May 2010 19:41
Posted:  01 Jun 2010 16:07
I'm a soldier bound for Glory
I'm a soldier going home
Come and here me tell me story
All who love the savior come

I will tell you what induced me
In this glorious fight to start
Twas the Savior's loving kindness
Overcame and won my heart

Some may say that I'm too noisy
But I'll tell you the reason why
If they only felt the glory
They would shout as well as I

VERSE 3 ???

Repeat Chorus

I love Jesus, Hallelujah
I love Jesus, yes I do
I love Jesus, He's my Savior
Jesus smiles and loves me too
Posted:  11 Jun 2010 20:47
The Cyberhymnal has moved: it's now at http://www.hymntime.com/tch/ (and is still growing in its new location.)

The Hymnary ( http://hymnary.org ) has a comparable amount of information: fewer texts or media files, but lots of information about what printed book a text might be found in.

Full disclosure: I'm not affiliated with Cyberhymnal, but do contribute to Hymnary (which allows visitors to contribute texts, tunes, and other information.)

Stephen Hutcheson
Posted:  19 Jun 2010 15:29
I'm looking for the lyrics of GOING BACK TO JESUS...I'm really like that song very much..would you help to give me the lyrics? thanks so much
Posted:  21 Jun 2010 21:45
I am looking for a hymn or gospel song that include the words "I found the answer I'm learning to pray.
Posted:  17 Jul 2010 17:36
I am 83 yrs old I would love to have an old baptist hymnal that I use to sing from when I was a young girl. . I love all the old songd, they mean so much to me. My e-mailis Rubytritt@aol.com   Thank you
Posted:  17 Aug 2010 21:09
Please send me the words to :Have You HaD A gETHSEMANE?"
MY E-MAIL ADDRESS:  myredwooddreams@att.net

Thank you.  I have searched through all the albums and cannot find that song.
I heard it at the beginning of the Heritage Singers career in a concert in Northern California.  I want so much to get the cd, or video, or dvd. with that song on it.
Posted:  19 Aug 2010 14:20
"Jesus is Mine All of the Time"?

Looking for the title and complete words to the below song.
Thanking you in advance for any help.

"Why should I care if the sun doesn't shine, Jesus is mine,  all of the time;
Why should I care if the storm clouds are low, Jesus is with me, I know
He will never forsake me, I'm under his wing, Though trials overtake me,
I'm with Him and will sing forever so why should I care if the sun doesn't
Jesus is mine all the time."
Posted:  24 Aug 2010 10:55
For the Guest Post 7 January 2009.
I was also looking for the gospel song What can I do to be of service Lord to you... It was sung by Danniebelle Hall, here is a link to her website http://danniebelle.com/ God bless you
Posted:  17 Sep 2010 08:19
i am looking for the words for heaven must be a beautifulmplace
Posted:  20 Jan 2011 20:32
i love me some good ol gospel music. ya'll understand?
Posted:  04 Feb 2011 20:04
Looking for lyrics to Gospel song, "I am coming (going)/ to the river/ ..." Thanks!
Posted:  04 Feb 2011 20:23
SHINE ON ME is found in:

by Graham Kendrick (both words and music)
copyright 1987, Make Way Music

1.  Lord, the light of Your love is shining
In the midst of the darkness shining.
Jesus, Light of the world, shine upon us,
Set us free by the Truth You now bring us.
Shine on me,
Shine on me.

Shine, Jesus, shine,
Fill this land with the Father's glory.
Blaze, Spirit, blaze,
Set our hearts on fire.
Flow, River, flow,
Flood the nations with grace and mercy
Send forth Your Word, Lord,
And let there be light.

2.   Lord, I come to Your awesome presence
From the shadows into Your radiance.
By the blood I may enter Your brightness,
Search me, try me, consume all my darkness.
Shine on me,
Shine on me.

3.  As we gaze on Your kindly brightness
So our faces display Your likeness.
Ever changing from glory to glory
Mirrored here may our lives tell Your story.
Shine on me,
Shine on me.
Posted:  07 Feb 2011 20:00
I'm loking for a song that begins with "My lord calls me, He calls me by the thunder"
Posted:  13 Feb 2011 04:10
I Know I am a child of God - Old Baptist Hymn

I know I am a child of God,
Although I move so slow,

I'll wait until the spirit comes,
and move at Gods command.
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