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Posted:  16 Feb 2009 07:46
Anybody have the lyrics to a song that says

I'm gonna praise the Lord, I'm gonna praise His name
Oh, I'm gonna praise the Lord, I'm not gonna be ashamed
The Devil won't like it, but I don't care
I'm gonna sing about my Jesus everywhere
I'm gonna praise the Lord

Anyone know the verses?
Posted:  16 Feb 2009 17:14
Verse 1
Sometimes my load is heavy, sometimes the road is long,
But the Lord is always fathful and He always gives a song,
In the mist of trouble the Lord will give me peace,
If I can just call on Jesus, He'll set my mind at ease.

Verse 2
He is the rock of ages, His kingdom has no end,
He's closer than a mother, father, sister, brother, friend,
and He made me a promise, if I live like I should,
He'd take my circumstances, and work them for my good.
Posted:  16 Feb 2009 17:16
Oops! I forgot my i in But the Lord is always Faithful
Posted:  03 Mar 2009 06:46
awesome!  thanks!
Posted:  25 Jul 2010 15:20
Does anyone have the chords for the song? I know how to play the chorus but having trouble chording the verses...I love this song! I have searched the internet for the lyrics, found it right here but havent been able to find the chords. Thanks....
Posted:  26 Jul 2010 03:48
i love this song! we sing it all the time in church, i would like to add it to my iPod could someone please tell me who sings it
Posted:  10 Sep 2010 04:35
Jeff and Sheri Easter sings this song.
Posted:  13 Oct 2011 16:28
does any one knows the chords of this song?????
please i need help to find the chords!!! i love this song.....thanks godbless
Posted:  09 Jun 2012 06:55
Does anyone know the lyrics to "I just want to thank you Lord for Your beautiful day...(something like) The Lord is my shepard, He supplies all my needs"
Posted:  10 Jul 2012 21:32
I love this song I use to sing it in church when I was a little girl
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