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Posted:  31 Jan 2009 19:20
My Son is very discouraged, hope these words will help.
Posted:  31 Jan 2009 20:28
Don't Give Up Your On The Brink Of A Miracle

Don't give up on the brink of a miracle
Don't give in, God is still on the throne
Don't give up on the brink of a miracle
Don't give up, remember you're not alone

1. When Satan would have you look
At the trials of life that surround you
And he tries to appear, and bring doubt and fear
All around you
Don't look with the eye, or listen with your ear,
Just cry out to God, He is always near
In your darkest hour, your miracle is here!

2.The devil is a thief, and he sends those troubles
To confound you
And he lies and says "This time,
There's no way you can find to make it thru"
Remember God's true Word, the battle is the Lord's
Don't give in to fear, think on things that are pure
Praise the Lord, your miracle is here!
Posted:  16 Feb 2010 15:01
Do you know were I can find the sheet music for this hymn
Posted:  26 Jul 2010 19:08
I was also looking for a CD with these lyrics.  I have an old cassette by Mike Atkins that has this hymn.
Posted:  01 Oct 2010 07:41
beautiful heart touching song...
Posted:  07 Oct 2010 17:27
where can I get the backing track for the song "Don't Give Up. You're On The Brink Of A Miracle,"  and what is the price to buy?
Posted:  18 Oct 2010 00:08
http://music.christwill.com/search-results.ht ...   Not sure of the price.
Posted:  20 May 2011 17:03
This is very encouraging, do you have the guitar chords?
Posted:  26 Jul 2011 16:20
Can I purchase the soundtrack for this sound?  It's such a blessing to me!
Posted:  11 Feb 2012 08:04
I enjoy often, the Youtube vid at:

http://www.youtube.com/user/jflowers10#p/u/36 ...
Posted:  28 May 2012 00:48
I listened to Tammy Baker sing a portion of this song, but it's not in my key.  How can I get sheet music so I can transpose it.,..for piano or guitar??
Posted:  29 Aug 2012 22:57
This song was written and first recorded by Mike Adkins of Mike Adkins Ministries in West Frankfort, IL.
Posted:  29 Aug 2012 22:59
See Mikeadkins.org/products
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