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Posted:  21 Jan 2009 06:23
"Those who see light can walk in the dark.  Those who see man can see God.  Those who see good in each person they meet, will see Jesus Christ.  Those who look up will discover his face and see his return."  These are some of the phrases I rememember from a hymn we would sing in theearly 1980s at church, but I am sure that it was sang many years before that.  I would like the complete lyrics and perhaps the actual composition.  I would love to just be able to teach it to my children.  Thanks, Lori Ann
Posted:  01 Feb 2009 11:33
Don't you have a song??????????????????????????
Posted:  16 Feb 2009 09:09   Last Edited By: AGA
Lori Ann,

This may be the Hymn you're looking for.

We just sang it in church today.

http://www.gentlespiritmusic.com/node/189 (You can preview the song here)

http://www.ocp.org/songs/579 (Original Authors' Info + Licensing info + Sheet Music etc)


Posted:  15 Aug 2010 23:58
those who see light can walk in the dark, those who see love can see god. those who have witnessed the sun rise and set those who have studied the flower unfold, those who have foucused on land sea and sky can see jesus crist.
Posted:  05 May 2017 10:15
It was written by Father Don Osuna in Oakland,CA. I knew him!
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