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Posted:  01 Jan 2009 23:36
can any one help us find the words to this song thank you and GOD bless
Posted:  02 Jan 2009 21:56   Last Edited By: avilb


1. When your heart is broken up with grief or trouble,
You don't have to bear it all alone;
For you have a friend who knows about your struggles,
He is standing by when other friends are gone.

He will calm the troubled waters of your soul.
Take your broken heart and make it whole.
When the storms of your life are dark and cold,
He will calm the troubled waters,
The dark and troubled waters, of your soul.

2. Deep in each and every heart there is a longing
To find happiness and peace of mind;
When your heart is weary of searching,
Just turn to Jesus and you'll find--------.

Posted:  23 Feb 2009 01:57
This is a beautiful song, written by an old dear friend of mine, Frances Ryals, who was then from Southwest Mississippi.  Beautfiul lyrics indeed.
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