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Posted:  24 Dec 2008 09:38
Does anyone have the words to the song Priscilla McGruder sings by this title?  Thanks for posting the words if you have them.
Posted:  10 Jan 2009 05:45
got it! So I thought I would post the lyrics so that someone else may use them.

Stand On His Word
I know for sure that life it can let you down
And those voices in your head start to pound
Tho there’s pain and woe about you
Consider everything you’ve heard
When you’ve done all you can stand on His Word

When you’ve done all that you can
Stand on His Word
When you’ve stood all you can stand
Do what you’ve learned
Remember all you’ve read is true
God said he’ll always bring you thru
In spite of everything you’ve heard
Stand on his word

Like satan came to Job he’s gonna come to you
Accusing God denying faith is true
Yet in life’s darkest trials God understands
Trust in His Holy Word and stand on His Word
Posted:  19 Mar 2011 02:50
Thank you
Posted:  25 Jun 2011 23:59
Praise the Lord..
Posted:  05 Nov 2011 05:27
Thank you for posting these lyrics. My hearing is not as good as it once was and i love this message and what a beautifully anointed singer Priscilla McGruder was.
Posted:  01 Dec 2011 23:44
Thank you for posting. God Bless.
Posted:  20 Feb 2012 20:31
This song is truly a blessing,not hearing the words just reading and knowing God will see you through.Knowing all Sis. McGruder went through,and always held to that nail scared hands to see her through.She didn't receive her healing here,but,now she is completely healed/
Posted:  09 May 2012 07:02
I would love to find the sheet music to this song....any suggestions??? stand on the word by priscilla mcgruder
Posted:  09 May 2012 15:33
2nd verse to this song is actually.....I know for sure that life, it can let you down. And those voices in your head start to pound. Tho there's pain and woe about you, testing everything you've heard, when you've done all you can do to stand, stand on his word
Posted:  29 Aug 2013 13:49
This has blessed me greatly I want to learn this song and sing it.  I believe it's heart felt,,,
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