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Posted:  05 Jun 2005 07:47
There is a very old hymn that I recall from nearly countless years ago. I love the praise expressions in it and would like to sing it at my Church. Actually I have been asked to sing this month (June) and whenever I am asked I like to sing one of the older hymns. I have no idea of the hymn's author or denomination. All I have is a few lyrics in my memory which go like this:
  Blessed be Thou Lord of of Isreal, Thou our Father and our Lord. Blessed Thy Majesty forever, ever be Thy name adored.
  Riches come of Thee and honor, Power and might to Thee belong. All is Thine in earth and heaven, over all Thy boundless throne...
  I just can't seem to find it even on the most extensive sites for old hymns.
  Please HELP!!!
God bless you
Posted:  06 Jun 2005 17:23   Last Edited By: steveliu

Here's what I was able to dig up, in terms of Lyrics. This is from the May 10, 1869 issue of The New York Times!

"Bless'd be thou, the God of Israel,
Thou our Father and our Lord;
Bless'd thy Majesty forever,
Ever be thy name adored.
Thine, O Lord, are power and greatness,
Glory, victory, and thine own;
All is thine in earth and heaven
Over all thy boundless throne."

Here's another version I found:

1. Blessed be Thou, O God of Israel, Thou our Father and our Lord! Blest Thy majesty forever, Ever be Thy Name adored!

2. Thine, O Lord, are pow'r and greatness; Glory, vict'ry are Thine own; All is Thine in earth and heaven; Over all Thy boundless throne.

3. Riches come of Thee, and honour; Pow'r and might to Thee belong - Thine it is to make us prosper; Only Thine to make us strong. Amen.

I'll see if I can dig up more clue about the music. Hope it helps
Posted:  08 Jun 2005 15:13
Dear Brother,
  Thanks so very much!! That is all I needed. I remember the tune perfectly. God bless. Now I'm ready for church!!
  Love in Christ,
Posted:  09 Jun 2005 18:05

Glad I could help...I just wish I could hear you sing it!

God bless!
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