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Posted:  08 Aug 2006 23:44
i've been searching for a while...and i would really like to find the lyrics for one of my favorite songs (im not sure of the title, but i know some of the lyrics...)
"no one is a stranger here everyone belongs finding our forgiveness here we in turn forgive all wrong"
Posted:  09 Aug 2006 05:26
"Come, Share the Lord"

We gather here

In Jesus name

His love is burning in our hearts

Like living flame

For thru the loving Son

The Father makes us one

Come take the bread

Come drink the wine

Come share the Lord

No one is a stranger here

Everyone belongs

Finding our forgiveness here

We in turn forgive all wrongs

He joins us here

He breaks the bread

The Lord who pours the cup

Is risen from the dead

The one we love the most

Is now our gracious host

Come take the bread

Come drink the cup

Come share the Lord

We are now a family

Of which the Lord is Head

Though unseen he meets us here

In the breaking of the bread

We'll gather soon

Where angels sing

We'll see the glory of our Lord

And coming King

Now we anticipate

The feast for which we wait

Come take the bread

Come drink the wine

Come share the Lord

words and music by Bryan Jeffery Leech

© 1984, 1987 by Fred Bock Music Company

CCLI License No. 1684515
Posted:  26 Nov 2007 04:05
i love this song
Posted:  22 Jan 2008 01:07
This song is amazing!
Posted:  27 Apr 2008 19:31
i think this is a great song
Posted:  11 Jan 2009 22:27
One of my favorites, love ot!
Posted:  14 Jan 2009 01:21
Check out this arrangement:
Posted:  01 Feb 2009 21:28
anyone know where i can get a "midi" of this song?
Posted:  12 Feb 2009 10:59
You can download an MP3 of it on Organ (at a pretty quick pace) from http://smallchurchmusic.com
(You'll have to pay $0.20 for the download...but believe me, this guy is worth every penny and then some. 99% of his mp3s are free!)
Posted:  23 Feb 2009 01:40
I love this song so much! It is my all time favorite!
Posted:  26 Mar 2009 03:31
Posted:  14 Apr 2009 03:41
TTTTT luph this song.......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  29 Sep 2009 09:16
I really love this hymn, one of my favourites, definately.

Makes me feel that there is a God, and that we all can experience His love.

God Bless
Posted:  23 May 2010 17:38
We had a "Come share the Lord" solo song in a international penticost service today.... lovely and remerable!
Posted:  24 May 2010 04:20
Yes I was there as a visitor to the Church in Cape Town.. Absolutely electrifying.. Beautiful service.. and I love this song, first time I heard it., performance marvellous!!
Posted:  24 May 2010 10:41
I am new apostolic, too.
The service yesterday was awesome.
The tenor solo was the best one I ever heared.

Sorry for my bad english :'DD
Posted:  26 May 2010 01:09
So nice to see other NAC's posting.  Yes not only was the service great but that song really was soulful and prepared the way.  We have a brother in the states that also sang this solo and did a wonderful job, check him out on Youtube.
Posted:  26 May 2010 13:10
What a Blessed Pentecost Weekend Still so Blest we must all pray for the Lord to Come soon
Posted:  26 May 2010 13:52
Manilo Davids sang this song on Sunday, Penticost service and it was  absolutely awesome....  the Service was so Blessed and awesome
Posted:  26 May 2010 16:49
Posted:  12 Jun 2010 06:33
Here is the link to Manilo
Posted:  23 Jul 2010 18:35
this is my    favorite song <3
Posted:  14 Aug 2010 00:39
What a beautiful song! WOW!
Does anyone know where I can get the Chords from?? Really would like the music!
Posted:  27 Sep 2010 05:14
my daughter says that it is a great song and she loves it.  She has me sing it to her.  A family favorite.
Posted:  20 Oct 2011 19:59
Posted:  01 Jan 2012 14:15
Is there somebody in the world, who has this song as an instrumental version in mp3?
That would be great...
Posted:  09 Jun 2012 10:44
very" spellbound this song..wooo !
Posted:  16 Nov 2012 19:26
Fantastic song!
Posted:  04 Jun 2013 15:34
so wonderful song..!
Posted:  13 Nov 2013 17:39
Hello to all New Apostolic Church brothers and sister, have a blessed and full day.
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