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Posted:  07 Aug 2006 19:04
I know some of the chorus but not the verses.

Chorus: When he sees me, he sees the blood of the Lamb, he sees me as worthy, but not as I am.....
He views me in garments white as thesnow, for the Lamb of God is worthy and he washed me this I know...

Posted:  08 Aug 2006 00:31
Here you go!!


1.   Looking down through the ages God beheld the dying soul,
Sin had brought separation, nevermore could man be whole.
There must come a Lamb, one who's blood alone redeems,
Bringing gifts to the Father of our souls made white and clean.

And when He sees me, He sees the blood of the Lamb.
He sees me as worthy and not as I am.
He views me in garments as white as the snow,
For the Lamb of God is worthy and He washed me, this I know.

2.   So He left that holy city, travelin' on to the cross.
Just to bridge the gulf to glory and to rescue all the lost.
By His blood He entered into the throne room of our God,
And on the mercy seat He placed it, salvation for us all.
Posted:  17 Aug 2006 01:29
how about chords to it?
Posted:  11 Jan 2009 06:09
hey who wrote this song?
Posted:  30 Apr 2009 15:08
Does anyone know who sings this song and where I might find It.
Posted:  16 Aug 2009 01:26
I have been looking for the lyrics to this song for a long time.  Thank you for those.  The only person I knew who sang this was a woman I used to go to church with.  Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Posted:  16 Aug 2009 20:20
the greens song it about 10 years ago
Posted:  29 Sep 2009 22:26
Michelle Pillar sings When He sees Me in her album Love Makes all the Difference
Posted:  15 Dec 2009 17:08
Paulette Riddle, Ashland, KY, my niece, wrote this song.
Posted:  30 Sep 2011 04:32
the McKamey's   Peg Mckamey sang this song  http://mckameysonline.com/fr_home.cfm
Posted:  06 Feb 2013 00:23
i love this song it is a real blessing
Posted:  06 Feb 2013 00:24
i have been singing the chorus to this song for a long time and i finally found the rest of the words
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