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Posted:  02 Dec 2008 10:24
Does anybody know all the lyrics for "Altar of Prayer".  I know part of it but can't remember it all.  Here's what I can remember of the chorus:

At an altar of prayer, I met Jesus,
with compassion, (he dealt with?) me there,
And my burden so heavy was lifted,
When I met him at an altar of prayer.

Posted:  02 Dec 2008 19:13
These words were given to me by a friend.  I hope they are correct.  God bless.


Many long years ago from heaven
Came a man of beauty so rare
With a heart full of love and mercy
And met me at an altar of prayer

At an altar of prayer, I met Jesus
With compassion, He welcomed me there
And my burdens so heavy were lifted
When we met at an altar of prayer

Many times when my heart is heavy
I need someone I know who cares
And the one that I need is Jesus
And I can find Him at an altar of prayer


If your heart is weighed down with problems
And you’re caught in sins wicked snare
You will find peace and rest in the Savior
Just meet Him at an altar of prayer

Posted:  09 Dec 2008 08:04
Yes these are what I was looking for.  I am so thankful that I did meet Him at an altar of prayer.  Thank you so much!  And tell your friend thank you from me too.  God bless you both.
Posted:  10 Apr 2011 00:57
Who Sings this song?
Posted:  23 Apr 2012 04:34
Posted:  03 Jul 2012 04:41
Wonderful song! Poignant words. I haven't heard or really thought of that song in years. Love it!
Posted:  17 Sep 2012 19:10
Ike Davis wrote this song. He himself taught my mother to sing this when she a very small girl.Lovely song..
Posted:  16 Dec 2012 16:35
Ike Davis wrote many wonderful songs....and he toured with our church choir back in the lat 1970's in Central Texas.
Posted:  05 Apr 2013 20:46
Does anyone know where I might find the sheet music for this song? Thanks!
Posted:  28 Sep 2013 10:59
Here is the song sang by Jimmy Swaggart love it
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tw5xkpmPRqM&am ...
Posted:  29 Dec 2013 18:49
Where can I get a sheet music for this song? Thanks.
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