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Posted:  29 Nov 2008 02:45
hi! looking for the lyrics to a song i heard on youtube--a great church song-----BEYOND THE RAIN--THE CHORUS SAYS BEYOND THE RAIN THERE'LL BE NO MORE DYING, NO MORE CRYIN,.....
Posted:  28 Dec 2008 04:50
Great song by Pine Mountain Railroad>

When the sky is getting dark and the clouds are moving in
When the storms of life fill our hearts with pain
Just let the Savior in for when we trust in Him
He will lead us beyond the rain

Beyond the rain, they'll be dying, no more crying, no more pain.
When we put our lives in the hands of Jesus, He will lead us beyond the rain.

When we live our lives alone and try to make it on our own
Still the heartache and emptiness remain
If we hold onto God's hand, He will lead us to a land
Where His Son will always shine beyond the rain.
Repeat Chorus

Now the battle has been won, God gave His only son
To fulfill the promise of His name
If only we believe what a gift we will receive
To live with Jesus beyond the rain
Repeat Chorus
Posted:  18 Feb 2009 19:48
Me , my mom ,and grandma are trying to practic this song....
Posted:  12 Mar 2009 01:35
Kewl that folks enjoy playing the song that I wrote "Beyond the Rain"

Mark "Brink" Brinkman
Posted:  12 Mar 2009 03:34
Thanks for posting, Mr. Brinkman! It's always great to see visits from songwriters of the great hymns and spiritual songs to this site!

For those who don't know, Mr. Brinkman's site can be found here. On this site, you'll be able to listen to many wonderful songs and find out where to get  recordings or licenses.


God bless,
Posted:  08 Apr 2009 03:20
where can i find the chords to Beyond the rain?  i love the song and would love to sing and play it in church
Posted:  15 Oct 2009 04:15
I was the one whom said " Me , my mom ,and grandma are trying to practic this song.... " And now we sing it at our church in Mississippi.
Posted:  21 Apr 2010 08:48
This Song  was played at my grandfather's funeral it was his favourite song
Posted:  31 Oct 2010 02:29
I love this beautiful song! It touches a deep place within my heart!!
Posted:  31 Oct 2010 02:33
Thanks a million Mr Brinkman for " Beyond The Rain" !!!!!!!!!
Posted:  13 Feb 2011 17:42
dose anyone no were to get the music only cd to learn the song.
Posted:  23 Mar 2011 15:39
Hi. You can go to youtube and watch Jerry Butler sing and play guitar for this song it is beautiful the way he does it, just four chords to the song, check it out if you dont have computer handy, let me know and I will send you lyrics and the chords. Bugadoodle
Posted:  17 May 2011 18:54
When I first heard this song  (Beyond the Rain) on WBRF radio station a few years ago, it really touched my heart and gave me the answer I was looking for in my life. I am a born again Christian, and that song was a "God Wink" to me. It is one of my favorite songs, and I have passed it along to many others. Mr. Brinkman, you planted the seed and God has done the watering and harvesting. Press on friend, and keep writing.
Posted:  28 Oct 2011 22:09

Thanks for writing such a wonderful song.  I never heard it played by a friend on mine gave me the words and said see what you can do with it.  They lay in my guitar case for about 2 years then I got them out one night and put them to my music.  We do it different from you but now I am glad to know who wrote it.  When we sing it in churches we have given credit anonymous but from now on you will get credit.  Again thanks and if we ever make a CD we will be getting in contact with you.

God Bless
Posted:  17 Aug 2012 06:22
Just heard this song today for the first time and absolutely love it!!
Posted:  18 Aug 2012 07:38
Any chords??  ANy music?
Posted:  16 Feb 2013 03:55
Hi! Bugadoole, Can you send me a copy if the cords for Beyond The Rain. Thanks
Posted:  20 Mar 2013 04:23
Hi Bugadoole, can you send me the chords for Beyond the rain also?  I really want to play this song and I am just learning to play the guitar and it's all because of this song.  Can you help me out please?

Posted:  24 Apr 2013 17:48
Can you send me the chords for Beyond the Rain?


Posted:  21 Jun 2013 01:08
Can I please have Chords the Beyond the Rain also? My son is trying to learn it on guitar.
Posted:  29 Jul 2013 01:58
Which Pine Mountain Railroad cd is Beyond the Rain on?
Posted:  12 Sep 2013 23:58
Could you please send me the chords for Beyond the Rain?
Thank you!

Posted:  21 Jun 2014 03:00
Can someone please send me the chords for Beyond the rain please. Thank you very much.
Posted:  13 Aug 2014 15:55
awesome song sung often at one of the churches I go too . finding the words so can sing it at tent revival this week. thanks so much 4 this one.
Posted:  30 Dec 2014 04:38
i was wondering if someone could post the chords  appreciate it
song behond the rain
Posted:  07 Mar 2015 03:07
I, too would like a copy of the lyrics and chords for "beyond the Rain"
Posted:  24 Jun 2015 01:51
Can I get the words and chords also please p23ag@hotmail.com
Posted:  28 Sep 2015 22:26
I would really appreciate it if some would send me the lyrics and chords to "beyond the rain.  my email is:    shirley72519@yahoo.com
Posted:  25 Feb 2016 03:36
can you send me the Chords & lyrics for Beyond the Rain?  Thanks a bunch.
Posted:  12 Jul 2016 18:20
I really love this song yayy im glad I got to know it
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