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Posted:  05 Aug 2006 03:44
I have heard this song several time, but can't remember the lyrics.  It is in an old Free Methodist Hymnal i think.

The first verse is as follows:

Behold what manner of man is this that stands between God and man.
His eyes are as a flame of fire, His fan is in His hand.
John saw Him in the seven churches as the Son in brilliancy.
Behold what manner of man is this what manner of Man is He.

He's the Lord of Glory.  He is the Great I Am.  He's the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.  His name is Wonderful, the Prince of Peace is He.  The Everlasting Father throught eternity.

Can any one help?

Jeff Lemire, Jr.
Posted:  07 Aug 2006 10:54
Behold what manner of man is this  (Eb)
Gospel Way Song Book #304
Phyllis C Spiers © 1950, 1962 Gospel Publishing House

Behold what manner of man is this
Who stills the raging sea
He heals the sick, the lame, the halt
And makes the blind to see
He opens all the prison doors
And sets the captives free
Behold what manner of man is this
What manner of man is He?

He's the Lord of Glory
He is the great I Am
The Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the end
His name is Wonderful
The Prince of Peace is He
He's the everlasting Father
Throughout eternity.

Behold what manner of man is this
Who stands between God and man
His eyes are as a flame of fire
Seven stars are in His hand
John saw him in the seven churches
As the sun in brilliancy
Behold what manner of man is this,
What manner of man is He?

Behold what manner of man is this
Who healed the lame and halt
Who says "Thy sins be forgiven thee
Take up thy bed and walk"
He stands as the mighty healer now
And cries "Come unto me"
Behold what manner of man is this
What manner of man is He?

Behold what manner of man is this
Who sits on His heavenly throne
He rules and reigns from heaven above
His beloved and His own
He's the lion of the tribe of Judah
The root of David is He
Behold what manner of man is this
What manner of man is He
Posted:  07 Apr 2007 21:38
Many, Many, THANKS
Posted:  24 Oct 2007 08:23
Thank you very much. I heard this song as a little child sung by a preacher called Trustcott.  I have been looking for the lyrics ever since and I"m so happy and thankful that I found it today.

Posted:  02 Feb 2008 23:58
There is also a verse about the women at the well, does any one have the words?


Posted:  20 Mar 2008 23:25
Behold what manner of man is this who spoke to the woman at the well
Everlasting life I'll give to thee far richer than tongue can tell
And whosoever that drinketh of the well shall live eternally
Behold what manner of man is this what manner of man is he

Some of the earlier verses listed above are not correct
Posted:  25 Oct 2009 07:01
As a teen ager, I heard Phyllis Spiers, in person, sing and play this song which the Holy Spirit gave her by inspiration. She was an excellent muscian, and a gifted preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She sang and played it in a church at 1050  south Hill street, in Los Angeles California. Reverend  A. Earl Lee was the senior pastor at the time.
Posted:  25 Oct 2009 07:04
Addendum to the note above, "As a teen ager---".  I attended A. Earl Lee's Church, and admired him as a gifted preacher.

Leon O. Poole
Posted:  14 Dec 2009 17:25
Is there a sound track to He's The Lord of Glory
Posted:  20 Dec 2009 17:53
Absolutely love this song!  my family and I sing it when we get together for Christmas, or when we celebrate during Eater Jesus' resurrection....we just love to say that our King is the King of Kings!  Now my daughter and I sing it just because the words are so beautiful, we sing it even though there is no holiday to celebrate.  Everyday is a day to live for Jesus. =)
Posted:  20 Mar 2010 12:07
If anyone can sing this song please call me at 407-963-7181. the lyrics posted are two different songs my Mama sang at home, had different melodies.. never thought they would be combined.can;t get them to go together.the chorus was one and the verse was another. help.
Posted:  28 Jun 2010 20:30
isn't there a verse about walking through the cande sticks?bqx
Posted:  07 Jul 2010 01:29
There is a verse about the candlesticks.  Unfortunately, all my books are packed in my parent's basement.  I have an original Phyllis Spiers song book.
My parents were well acquainted with Jim and Phyllis Spiers.
My mother was just raving the other day about how anointed Phyllis was and how she moved in the prophetic both in song and in word.
Posted:  03 Aug 2010 14:32
I was thinking about this song this morning and was looking for the lyrics.  Glad you all were here.
Posted:  05 Sep 2010 09:15
I have heard Lord of Glory played on WPCS radio Pensacola, Fl, from a recording they have. I don't remember the title of the album, but at the time, I tried to find out more about it.
When following up the leads, I was told, that the song came out of a movement called "The Latter Rain" and that the movement is no longer active. I don't know what the movement emphasized or whether it was a cult. Still, the song honors God, and I love the chorus!
Posted:  05 Sep 2010 09:51
Lillenas.com is a website for a publishing company that says they have the song,
"He's the Lord of Glory" and the first line begins "Behold what manner of man..." by Phyllis Spiers, avaliable to order. They give the telephone number:
1 800-363-2122.
Posted:  17 Mar 2011 07:31
I am looking for another very old song that is also titled WHAT MANNER OF MAN IS THIS.        I heard it over 35 years ago, and can't remember the words.  If anyone knows another old song by this title, please post the lyrics.  Thanks!!!!
Posted:  23 Oct 2011 07:36
I have several copies of He's the Lord of Glory if anyone would like one.  As for WHAT MANNER OF MAN IS THIS.

Chorus: What manner (what manner) of man is this
Who died (who died) upon the tree
What manner (what manner) of man is this
who set the captive free
Well He walked (He walked) on the water
God calmed ( He calmed) the raging sea.
What manner (what manner) of man is this
Who gave His life for me.

Vs. Eziekel saw Him turning, as a wheel in the middle of a wheel
and John spoke about Him, in the book of seven seals.
John gives His discription, as brighter than the sun,
And if you don't know my Jesus name then you had better run.

I hope anyone who posted earlier get this.
Posted:  29 Dec 2011 11:40
Thanks to Jlemire who requested the song, I also have been looking for it.   I love the song so much that I have been singing it in bits and pieces.  I am very grateful to malachi456 for providing something that I can use now until I get more of the others which I hope will make scriptural and spiritual sense of the hymn.  Thanks to the Guest who posted Lillenas.com's details on 05 Sep 2010 09:51;
Thanks to Guest of 23 Oct 2011 @ 07.36, please post one to livingway@email.com or through our contact on www.livingwayministries.org
Posted:  01 Feb 2013 13:30
I remember a verse to Behold what Manner of Man is this that was:

Behold what matter of man is this, who stopped the funeral train.
And gave the widow back her son in the little town of Nain.

I don't remember the rest of the verse. Hopefully someone will know and post it.
Posted:  16 Jan 2015 06:22
Behold What Manner Of Man Is This
Blue Ridge Mennonite Youth

Posted:  13 Aug 2015 03:57
Thanks. Great recording!
Posted:  11 Dec 2016 10:02
Waoo its awesome and i love it thanks
Posted:  21 Jul 2017 12:45
Is there sheet music available anywhere for this song please
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