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Posted:  25 Jul 2010 10:52
cool lov it
Posted:  04 Aug 2010 15:48
We had to sing that at our leavers assembly in Yr6 Everyone was crying especially the teachers Gonna Miss Primary
Posted:  30 Aug 2010 22:43
playing this at our wedding in 4 weeks my daugher loves it
Posted:  09 Oct 2010 19:05
this song is ace!!
Posted:  10 Oct 2010 21:27
Love this hymn!
Posted:  11 Oct 2010 00:00
papas song
Posted:  17 Oct 2010 15:38
I miss my junior school so much and we sang it most days but our school song was slightly better xx javascriptaste_string(document.PForm.message,''
Posted:  26 Oct 2010 11:34
was there one about coins... Like picking up a penny?
Posted:  17 Nov 2010 21:59
this brings back so many primary school memories ! it is probably the best hymm i have ever sung in my life. where could you get the musical notes to play by piano for it?. brill hymm
Posted:  03 Feb 2011 03:32
Love is like a magic penny, hold it tigHt and you won't have any.  Is that the one you were thinking of?
Posted:  29 Mar 2011 18:20
absolutely brilliant
Posted:  30 Mar 2011 12:14
My dad was a primary headteacher for 30 years and they had it at every leavers' service - we're now hoping to have this at his funeral.
Posted:  01 May 2011 12:56
love dis hymn song
i learnt it in skool
Posted:  24 May 2011 07:54
We sang this in leavers assembly every year at primary school. I'm leaving secondary school this week, and now  I understand what the words mean, and it keeps making me cry :o(
Posted:  04 Jul 2011 15:36
wow i used to sing this in primary school and then again in the 6th form leavers assembly

this song brings back so many memories
Posted:  14 Mar 2012 19:10
ive got this in school
Posted:  14 Mar 2012 19:12
i love this so much i can dance along to it no matter how much i like it i cant  stop eny more but  i dont like the 1 verse
Posted:  14 Mar 2012 19:14   Last Edited By: steveliu
javascriptaste_string(document.PForm.message,'' i love it so much lol
Posted:  30 Mar 2012 18:05
well i just wonder who maid this song and for who
Posted:  04 Jun 2012 18:01
great,i sing this in my primary school and i am leaving primary school this years so whenever i sing it makes me happy yet sad as well
Posted:  15 Jul 2012 23:21
I sung that at church today and I cannot get it out fo my head!
Posted:  27 Jul 2012 16:45
Does anyone know where i can download this sheet music?
Posted:  26 Aug 2012 15:29
i love it
Posted:  31 Aug 2012 11:53
used to sing this hymn when i was at junior school.
Posted:  03 Sep 2012 17:26
i remember this song. it really does bring back memories!!!!
Posted:  17 Oct 2012 11:45
omg this song makes me soooo happy! it actually makes me want to cry i love it that much! i hope that everyone feels the same way as i feel. love you jesus x
Posted:  19 Mar 2013 21:16
our school song
Posted:  23 Mar 2013 12:29
It is incredible that no one has the music score on line for this popular hymn. The question " Where can I  get the music score "? IS NOT ANSWERED
Posted:  30 Mar 2013 11:55
Primary school assembly :-) I was so moved singing this one and many others...great stuff...love this one!
Posted:  11 Oct 2015 09:28
I reached this to a school and it's great
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