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Posted:  04 Jul 2008 21:54
thumbs up
Posted:  05 Jul 2008 11:23
does anyone know who wrote this hymn and when? we are having at our wedding and would like to credit it.
Posted:  08 Jul 2008 17:22
I love this song a lot, it's so sweet.  I wish I could memorise the whole song, but I already know so many songs by heart, I'd just get confused...
Posted:  13 Jul 2008 20:12
We Have to sing this at school for our leavers assembly thnx for etra help love this hymn!
Posted:  13 Jul 2008 20:19
Daniel Shiels & Mike Newbon wrote this song!
Love This Song
Luff Yuu Reuben.xXx
Much Love AMy.XxX
Posted:  18 Jul 2008 17:55
This song is one of my best songsot of all my favrite songs.
Posted:  24 Jul 2008 21:22
Posted:  25 Sep 2008 19:50
Wow! I was trying to remember these lyrics; it was the last hymm we sang at primary school!
Posted:  14 Oct 2008 23:30
i love this song its nice to listen to my schoolsang it when i left y6
Posted:  07 Dec 2008 03:41
It was actually written by Sydney Carter - a Quaker who also wrote Lord of the Dance
Posted:  11 Jan 2009 01:14
i no tiny ant
from the tiny (x2)
To the elephant (x2)
from the snake to the kangeroo (2)
donno the rest
Posted:  15 Jan 2009 18:59
this is my school son
Posted:  05 Mar 2009 14:21
I am using this for my wedding. The lyrics about someone travelling with you through your life, looking out for you and helping you out in bad times and good seem apt and could apply to God or someone else.
Posted:  29 Mar 2009 22:35
hahaha i used 2 sing this is my primary school! HAHA I LOVE IT!
haha so kool!
Posted:  02 May 2009 00:23
OMG this is like my favourite song!!!! it makes me cry so much (with laughter) OMG OMG OMG!!!!!
Posted:  18 May 2009 14:38
i loved this song when i was school it really is great!!
Posted:  19 Jun 2009 17:53
where is the music for this song????
Posted:  13 Sep 2009 11:27
I love tis song I used to sing it when I went to Echelford now I'm in secondary school
Posted:  27 Sep 2009 18:17
This and Streets of london, are the best hyms everr
Posted:  05 Nov 2009 21:15
Cool we sing this in our school
Posted:  15 Nov 2009 17:33
i sing this at school every weekm or twice a week
Posted:  17 Dec 2009 13:06
Posted:  21 Jan 2010 21:23
its well good
Posted:  30 Jan 2010 21:38
youve got a bit of it wrong cos its

one more step along the world i go
one more step along the world i know
from the old things to the new keep me travelling along with you

sorry i know this cos i sing it now at my school(:
Posted:  11 May 2010 17:55
this song is brilliant and as a head teacher i think that all students and teachers should sing this song!

I know that we do!!!!javascriptaste_string(document.PForm.message,''
Posted:  17 May 2010 20:13
great i love it my daughter sings it at school
Posted:  06 Jun 2010 08:25
i sing this @ skool too... javascriptaste_string(document.PForm.message,''
Posted:  24 Jun 2010 19:22
I love it. it is very beautiful.Melita in 4th grade.
Posted:  25 Jun 2010 10:31
any one have the sheet music?
Posted:  21 Jul 2010 17:31
i sing this at school tomorow iil be singing it at an acheivers assembly :b
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