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Posted:  21 Nov 2008 17:55
Can anyone help me find a hymn that has "The Lord Will Choose for Me" in it, or something very close to that?  It was my friend's favorite hymn that gave her courage with her battle with cancer, and now I can't ask her, and I don't want to wait until I see her in heaven!

I would be so grateful if someone could help me find it!

Posted:  28 Jan 2010 05:55

Not what I wish to be nor where I wish to go
For who am I that I should choose my way
My Lord shall choose for me t is better far I know
So let Him bid me go or stay

The path that I have trod has brought me close to God
Though oft it led through waters deep
Though not the way I'd choose in my way I might lose
The joy that yet for me awaits

The cross that I must bear if I a crown would wear
Is not the cross that I would take
But if on me it's laid I'll take it unafraid
And bear it for the masters sake

Submission to the will of Him who loves me still
Is surety of His love reveiled
My soul shall rise above the world in which I move
I conquer only when I yield
Posted:  28 Jan 2011 12:44
I sang this song as part of a Cantata that was presented in a different Church around Melbourne, Australia each Sunday night by the Melbourne Bible College where I did theological studies for three years in the late '60's.
It has been the theme of my life as many of the things that one would assume would be "rights' were taken, and I am so grateful that my theme song was not "ILL DO IT MY WAY!'
This was a wonderful song to sing as a solo but it has been a wonderful theme for my life.
I am so glad He has chosen for me.....although it was not as I would have wished it to be.
Posted:  07 Feb 2011 16:57
this hymn was sung at my wedding 39 years ago and it has never had more meaning than it does today.  as my business is failing and my home may be gone soon i still have the One and the husband He has given me.  Praise His name!!
Posted:  18 Jul 2011 09:31
Can anyone tell me where to get the score for this song?
Posted:  28 Feb 2012 06:39
Thank you for the copy of the song. This coming Sunday - March 4, 2012 the sub-theme of our Church is - Growing Deep in Christ in Knowing His Will. We will be singing this song in the Churc for the whole month. To God be the Glory for the message of this song. It is very relevant to our theme and subtheme. God bless you and your ministry.
Posted:  12 May 2012 13:23
Does anyone know who wrote this song? or if there is a story behind it?
Posted:  26 May 2012 18:47
I love the song "Submission".  Out pastor's wife sang it one Sunday in church in St. Paul, Minnesota in about 1970 or 71.  I had the music at one time, but can't find it.  I have been singing it around the house and find it very inspiring.  We do not know what is ahead; let Him choose for me.  Even Jesus said, 'Not my will but Thine be done'!  Thanks for all of the lyrics82.
Posted:  24 Jun 2012 21:24
at my baptism service 22 years ago, we sang a beutiful chorus but I can only remember a few of the words: O LORD ........ WITH ME, JESUS ...... WIT ME, WHO WILL GO FOR YOU LORD, WHO WILL GO FOR YOU LORD - HERE I AM LORD ......ME, ...ME LORD, CHOOSE ME.  Please can you remind me of the words?
Posted:  02 Aug 2012 18:40
As a young teenager,Submission was the first song I accompanied for a visiting minister's wife at the First A/G in Elkins, WV in the upstairs (glassed in) hall overlooking the sanctuary. Now at age 66, after the homegoing of my husband of 38 yrs, move to TX in two days after the funeral, getting new job, being Dx'd w/cancer 8 days after getting in new house, ongoing recovery, short move to Mississipi and now move to beautiful Wyoming, the words to this song remains phenomenal. God bless you is my prayer.
Posted:  14 Sep 2012 06:27
A portion of these lyrics was written to my daughter & son-in-law in their wedding guest book.   There was space for the guests to write special comments as they entered.

I read the comment that my sister wrote to my daughger.  God was preparing my sister for her 'Homegoing'  as she died this past year. 

I heard this song many years ago, but had not heard  it recently.  The words became very real when I read them in my sister's own handwriting. 

Very touching!!!
Posted:  23 Apr 2013 22:24
i desparately need the music for Submission.  If any one has this or knows how to obtain it let me know post haste
Posted:  14 Aug 2013 17:43
It this song now Public Domain?
Posted:  04 Oct 2013 18:43
get a copy of broadman hymnal or song with a message for music
Posted:  19 Jun 2015 23:04
Hi you can find the music in this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LC4LVDGrvk  Its played in guitar...
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