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Posted:  17 Nov 2008 22:30
My dad used to sing this and can't remember all the words.... Starts "I stood in the lonely room of a mother old and gray, her voice so weak she could hardly speak, I brushed a tear away.... I'll be gone to be with Jesus come spring"
Posted:  18 Nov 2008 02:51
Here are the words to Come Spring
v1)  I stood in a lonely room of a mother old and gray
Her vice so weak she could hardly speak, I brushed a tear away.
She was watching the little snowflakes falliing on the window pane
She breathed a sigh and then replied, I'll be gone to be with Jesus
come spring.
c1) Before the roses bloom, in my garden;
I'll be gathering flowers in a better land
Before the fields are green, before the robin sings
I'll be gone to be with Jesus come spring.
v2)There's a big gate standing open, a gentle voice calls me home;
soon I'll be in God's country in a garden of my own.
With my troubles all behind me and my body free from pain;
When the sun melts the snow and the warm winds blow,
I'll be gone to be with Jesus, come spring.
c2) Now the Roses have bloomed in her garden
And she's gathering flowers in a better land;
She's gone where ngels sing, earth's loss is Heaven's gain.
But, we'll meet when God gathers flowers, come spring.

I hope you enjoy this!
Posted:  08 Jan 2009 04:27
im so glad u had this posted
Posted:  20 Mar 2009 01:32
my grandmother wants this song sang at her funeral and I would like to find a place to burn it to disk.  I have not been able to find it anywhere but Youtube.  Does anyone know who originally sang it and/or where I can download it? 
My e-mail address is brandy9616@gmail.com

Posted:  17 Apr 2009 01:53
thank you.
Posted:  19 Apr 2009 23:46
You can go to www.daywind.com and download a soundtrack, a demo high and low track.

God Bless111
Posted:  08 May 2009 03:08
This was one of my grandmothers favorite sons and she was truly a wonderful lady. She is in heaven now singing with the angels
Posted:  11 May 2009 21:45
is there an artist that has this song on cd come spring
my e-mail address is lstevenson37@yahoo.com  thanks
Linda Stevenson
Posted:  12 May 2009 23:22
You can go to www.youtube.com and type in "Come Spring" and click on the first song!
Posted:  13 May 2009 18:30
Come Spring is a Dottie Rambo song and has been recorded on several of her albums.  Originally it was recorded on the album entitled "Come Spring"  (with Dottie, Buck, and Reba).  It has since been recorded on several of Dottie's albums entitled "The Good Old Days."  You can go to christianbooks.com and find the cd.

Posted:  15 May 2009 20:22
i am looken 4 words 2 three nails by artice jimmy davis i sing in church i have lost last verce can anyone help  me
Posted:  23 Mar 2010 13:30
our mom died on Sunday March 21.   The day was unusual for New England - 70 degrees, sunny and breezy.   We will have this song printed out on the program when we put her sweet shell in the ground.  What an anointed song.
Posted:  30 Mar 2010 18:11
i love this song
God bless the writer and keep her till we meet again
Posted:  04 May 2011 02:56
After my 6months little angel was taken back to heaven, i heard this song, and i love it so much, so whenever i went back home or when i'm at home i always play this song. Always the first song i played when i woke up every morning..i love this song so much..thanks so much dotti rabo and thank you jesus for my 6months gift, my one and only little girl, Sipora Miriam Yashua..shes now gathering flowers in a better land and where angels sing..
Posted:  12 May 2011 18:07
I just laid my Precious Grandmother to rest Monday 5/9/11. This is one of songs that I had played while they showed a slide show of pics ..It was absolutely beautiful.. and every words was right on.. Thank the writer for such a beautiful song..
Posted:  31 Aug 2011 19:04
Oh mine i dnt know where to start on dis song cos wen ever i remember the song i wil just be crying mostly when my angle is sing to me. Bt i say may God bless both the writer nd the singer cos they  encorage my soul. 10ks. So pls if any body dat has de CD pls send it 4r me on my e-mail address = miclef88@yahoo.com pls! 10ks
Posted:  03 Sep 2011 02:25
a great version of this song .is by sheri easter and jessica king.you can find it on    u tube .GREAT SONG GOD BLESS
Posted:  21 Jul 2012 02:48
this is one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard. thank you,
Posted:  31 May 2013 06:57
We will be celebrating my mother's life tomorrow May 31, 2013. She had climbing roses growing on the fence for 8 years, but they had never bloomed. Daddy and I put an arch in front of the walkway and dug up 2 rose bushes and placed them on each side of the arch. For over 2 years I have been training them up the arch, but they have never bloomed. I begged the Lord to let them bloom for Mothers' Day because I knew I would not have another one with my mother. When they didn't bloom, I cried. Last Friday, they bloomed. I knew in my heart that she would be leaving me. She never got to see her roses because she was semi-comatose and passed away 5:50 am Tuesday morning at hospice. This song will be on the program.
Posted:  09 Jun 2013 20:35
Posted:  13 Dec 2013 16:59
Oh, the tears flow again. I love this song. I will teach my sister. No song touches me like it! Thank God for the inspired writer.
Posted:  30 Mar 2014 04:32
We played this song st my grandmothers funeral. The next day, all of the flowers in her garden had bloomed
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