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Posted:  14 Nov 2008 18:19
Does any one know the words to "I'll stand for Jesus and let the world go by"?
Thanks so much!!!
Posted:  14 Nov 2008 20:39
I'll Stand for Jesus

I'll stand for Jesus
And let the world go by
I'll claim His promise,
He will supply
We'll walk together,
My Lord and I
I'll stand for Jesus
And let the world go by

In a world full of pleasure
We're tempted and tried
The more we have here on this earth
The less we're satisfied
The only thing that's lasting
Comes down from on high
I'll stand for Jesus
And let the world go by


When it's time to depart
From this old body of mine
I don't want to own one single thing
I can't leave behind
I want to be free
So I can fly away
Cause when I walk with Jesus
I let the world go by
Posted:  25 Apr 2012 02:23
Love this song!
Posted:  23 Sep 2017 04:53
Anyone have the chords?
Posted:  23 Sep 2017 07:05
Hopefully, the website will help you with the chords

https://chordify.net/chords/the-cathedrals-il ...
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