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Posted:  04 Nov 2008 08:27
Need the lyrics to the song "I wasn't there" if anyone could please help.
Posted:  04 Nov 2008 18:12
Is this the one you're wanting??

I wasn't there when He stood in Pilot's hall.
I wasn't there when they mocked His holy name.
I wasn't there when they drove the nails in Him
to hang Him on the cross to die in shame.

But, I'll be there when they crown Him King of Glory.
and I'll be there when they sing redemption's song.
And I'll be there with the saved from every nation
and they stand before the King upon His throne.

I wasn't there when they took His body down
and I wasn't there to see the tomb they laid Him in.
I wasn't there when the third day finally came
to hear the news that our Saviour rose again.
Posted:  05 Nov 2008 00:44
Oh yes, thank you so very much......
Posted:  28 Oct 2015 04:32
Do we know who wrote this song?
Posted:  20 Apr 2017 00:59
The Singing Cookes
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