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Posted:  02 Nov 2008 22:22
When I was a child I remember going to church services and hearing this beautiful old hymn.   Here is a few of the lyrics and I have searched song book after song book and have discovered nothing.   Can anyone please help?  Its a beautiful hymn and here is a few words that I can remember.
"My heavenly home lies over death's sea, where loved one's I know are waiting for me". 

Thank you
Posted:  03 Nov 2008 21:35
Title of Song I "That Heavenly Home" .  I have lyrics and music but will have to look it up.  Will post later
Posted:  06 Nov 2008 02:16
That Heavenly Home Lies over death's sea
There Loved ones I know
Are waiting for me
With Jesus we'll live
In Glory divine
That Heavenly Home will surely be mine
I'm looking away
Beyond the dark stream
To heaven's fair home
of which I oft dream
there millions have gone
it's glory to share
get ready my friend
to live over there
Posted:  30 Apr 2009 21:01
The one I have is by Heirline

That Heavenly Home

Verse: 1
I’m looking away, beyond the dark stream,
to heaven’s fair home, of which I had dreamed,
there millions have gone, it’s glory to share,
get ready my friend, to live over there.

That heavenly home, lies over death sea,
where loved ones I know, are waiting for me,
with Jesus we’ll live, in glory divine,
that heavenly home, will surely be mine.

Verse: 2
That heavenly home, has mansions of light,
no storm clouds will rise, no shadows of night,
no sorrow no pain, all sin will be gone,
we’ll live with the Lord, while ages roll on.
Posted:  14 Aug 2011 02:31
that wonderful home will never be sold, well ever live there, where no one grows old. the citys bright spires, the sun will outshine. with all of the saved, that home shall be mine.     this is another verse to the song that heavenly home
Posted:  17 Jan 2013 21:19
Need sheet music. Any available?
Posted:  01 Mar 2013 23:14
Does anyone have "That Heavenly Home" in key of C?
Posted:  06 May 2013 01:25
My mother requested this song( if anyone can help) for her funeral.  She wants Beyond the Bright Blue if ANYONE CAN PLEASE HELP.
Posted:  20 Jun 2015 03:36
Woke up from a nap today with the chorus on my mind. Had not heard it or thought about it for years, but it takes me back to the little rural Baptist churches I attended as a child. The Christian values I acquired back then have served me well all my sixty years. I get such a blessing from those old hymns. Thanks for posting the lyrics. The melody has stayed with me as clearly as when I first heard it. The chorus too, but the verses I'd forgotten. They are inspiring.
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