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Posted:  16 Jun 2013 00:53
Is there not a link on YouTube with lyrics?
Posted:  22 Jun 2013 03:23
How tiny is an ant anyway lolz :confused:
Posted:  05 Jul 2013 22:20
Exalent grat
Posted:  08 Jul 2013 20:04
I love this song my whole school has to sing this song has to sing
It like every week with a teacher called miss wood
Posted:  17 Sep 2013 10:32
8) This song is rad
Posted:  17 Sep 2013 11:08
I love this song
Posted:  03 Dec 2013 11:23
I still remember this song from Primary School!
Posted:  19 Mar 2014 22:09
That songs epic we just learnt it at school
Posted:  07 Apr 2014 15:40
OMG, me and my bro love this song and finally we have all the words. Also, me and some class mates (we're in year 9) have found our selfs singing it all the way through lessons.
Posted:  21 Jun 2014 15:29
Used to sing this at my primary it was my favourite song I always wanted to be number one but I was always number 2
Posted:  08 Jul 2014 11:38
what you sayin
Posted:  30 Sep 2014 09:40
Thanks for the words - but it is a Common Tern, not turn - type of seabird!
Posted:  20 Jun 2015 07:31
Love dis beat
Posted:  15 Mar 2016 15:48
What a bare banger! 10/10 would recommend this m9. On every playlist i listen to. Can't wait to put it on again!
Posted:  06 May 2016 14:52
16 just popped out of science, reminiscing the top tunes from 2k11
Posted:  24 May 2016 11:13
Sat in Product Design with my friend and we're singing our hearts out to this sick af tune. 10/10 would sing again. Popping all the lyrics out like we own the place. It's meant to be man. We should join the choir tbh. B)
Posted:  28 Jun 2016 13:49
just went through all the comments on this, fave thing on the Internet
love from hannah B)
Posted:  14 Jul 2016 10:39
I love you
Posted:  14 Jul 2016 10:44
This song has given me ounces of inspiration. I have learnt that an ant is in fact smaller than an elephant. something I never knew. thank you for this beautiful song,all my love x
Posted:  30 Sep 2016 14:30
After 7 pages and 100,782 views, here is a recording of
                         From The Tiny Ant
Posted:  19 Jun 2017 11:57
oh I finally found the real lyrics! I used to sing 'from the tiny mo to hamadou'
Posted:  27 Nov 2017 16:17
I em fooften yer oldjavascriptaste_string(document.PForm.message,'' n i just luv thiz bop. gr8 m8 8/8. i luv sinin it in da shower cuz i drop out of skwl caus it rubish init matejavascriptaste_string(document.PForm.message,''
Posted:  10 Jan 2018 16:02
lol such a bop
Posted:  24 Jan 2018 23:31
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