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Posted:  25 Jan 2012 18:19
this is good for when your a teacher and you have to teach  children  which i am a teacher
Posted:  10 Feb 2012 21:16
i love this song i still sing it now
Posted:  11 Feb 2012 18:29
I LOVE this song it is so brilliant so much
Posted:  21 Feb 2012 00:39   Last Edited By: steveliu
We Sing this song at school
Posted:  26 Feb 2012 11:19
"dessert rat"? I would have thought rats a more "middle course", savoury segment of a meal.
Posted:  08 Mar 2012 20:38
i am learning it in my school
Posted:  13 Mar 2012 11:28
Posted:  30 Mar 2012 21:40   Last Edited By: steveliu
◄-----this is me!
Posted:  20 Apr 2012 20:34
I practiced that in school and i am good
the song is fantastic
Posted:  24 Apr 2012 14:58
im a chicken me and the hens always sing this song in the pen
lovin it guys!
Posted:  25 Apr 2012 20:01
its so good i love the song so much
Posted:  25 Apr 2012 20:03
Its such a good song i love it so much.FROM THE TINY ANT.
Posted:  25 Apr 2012 20:04
d. i love this song
Posted:  22 Jun 2012 11:11
bbygirl i lurvv dis sung so much. brings bak tha kwl memrys. frm the tny ant. har har (private jowk)
Posted:  29 Jul 2012 04:57
haha omg primary school memories i remember making my own lyrics with this song
Posted:  05 Aug 2012 00:04
Cool song i coppied it and i have got a broken arm im serious
Posted:  06 Aug 2012 10:39
Hi guys im writing this in my
song book because this song is soocool and i am only 8years old witha broken arm i fell backwards on a swing from chloe jane kirby
Posted:  03 Oct 2012 15:32   Last Edited By: steveliu
Love the song and most of all i love the repiting so much
Let's  be friends
And my name is Ebony
Posted:  07 Oct 2012 14:04
I sing it at my primary school
Posted:  18 Oct 2012 10:37
I miss this song soooooooooooooo much
Posted:  21 Nov 2012 21:47
we sing this song every day at our school leys park and im a juinier and it gos up to yesr six and im 10
Posted:  15 Jan 2013 21:44
I love this song i aslso used to like if i were a butterfly
Posted:  19 Jan 2013 11:38
I love that song so much im learning it at school
Posted:  22 Feb 2013 22:17
My apinion for this song.

I think this song is incredable, im in year 5 and were going to a concert and were singing this song,YEHH!!! im really exited theres going to be about 5 more schools going + us so really around 6 schools!!!
Posted:  28 Feb 2013 22:54
From the tiny ant (1)
From the tiny ant (2)
To the elephant (1)
To the elephant (2)
From the snake to the kangaroo (1)
From the snake to the kangaroo (2)
From the great white shark (1)
From the great white shark (2)
To the singing lark (1)
To the singing lark (2)
Care for them it's up to you (1)
Care for them it's up to you (2)
Care for them it's up to you (1&2)
Care for them it's up to you (1&2)
No one else will care for them (1&2)
It's up (1)
It's up (2)
It's up too you! (1&2)
Posted:  08 Mar 2013 04:41
Hahaha bangin primary song ... Miss tyson givein it tiny ant on th assembly hall floor ... On ya go hen .. Get yur bangers oot if yea ghem for it .... Xxx
Posted:  20 Mar 2013 18:46
I love this song from primary school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  26 Mar 2013 22:08
I never heard it but its cute. Do you actually sing the same line again like it shows? Does it have the tune of another song or have its own? I cant imagine
how it goes. If you can tell me where to hear it I really thank you.
Posted:  04 May 2013 13:04
My daughter has just learned it in primary school and I remembered it, just had th look up lyrics coz the ones we were making up were getting rather silly lol
Posted:  30 May 2013 14:51
It's really helpful
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