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Posted:  28 Oct 2009 16:49
omg i remember this from the good old school days!!
So many memories
Posted:  12 Nov 2009 16:43
OMG THIS SONG IS FABULOUS!!!!! me, beef, rhino + the hunter r singin it in FRENCH
Posted:  13 Nov 2009 18:57
we love this song too!!!!
Posted:  19 Nov 2009 12:38
WHOPP this song is well good, it brings backk soo much memories ahha
legenndddd   mill lodge crewww x
Posted:  28 Nov 2009 17:21
omg ive been asking my mum wat this song is all day cuz i just randomly remmeber the tiny ant bit so then i searched it and HERE IT IS wow love it thanks x
Posted:  28 Nov 2009 19:09
best song ever and so is paint box cauliflours fluffy and cabbages green strawberrys sweeter than any i've seen
Posted:  08 Dec 2009 20:28
i like from the tiny ant
Posted:  08 Dec 2009 20:30
what this song
Posted:  29 Dec 2009 15:17
I used to sing this in primary.I love this song I play it on the piano all the time.
Posted:  26 Jan 2010 18:55
I dont know how you get the faces on...
Posted:  27 Jan 2010 19:22
Hi i lov that song because me and my boy friend used to sing it in year 3
Posted:  27 Jan 2010 19:28
it's brill
Posted:  04 Feb 2010 15:39
engineering AS lesson just got interesting
Posted:  28 Feb 2010 18:53
REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! haha! I loved this song in primary school!! I remember everyone would laugh at 'snorting hog' XD Primary school FTW!!!
Posted:  11 Mar 2010 19:27
my sistr sings this
Posted:  20 Apr 2010 20:52
I love this song and am hoping to sing it with some friends in front of half my school
Posted:  17 May 2010 21:36
i remember on platypus we all used to carry the 's' and get told off

from the badger to the platypussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Posted:  22 May 2010 22:58
Awesome song
Posted:  14 Jun 2010 14:54
Great info for assemblys
Posted:  16 Jul 2010 19:44
I love this song 
I sing it at School all the time
Posted:  29 Jul 2010 13:27
I LOVE THIS song it fab it just so cool i love it i  sig it everyday it briil javascriptaste_string(document.PForm.message,''javascriptaste_string(document.PForm.mjavascriptaste_string(document.PForm.message,''essage,''javascriptaste_stjavascriptaste_string(document.PForm.message,''ring(document.PForm.message,''
Posted:  29 Jul 2010 13:28
i love this song i rembers the old days at primary skl when me and my mates would shout  are vers lol
Posted:  10 Aug 2010 21:37
i remeber that from my primary school mem

best song ever

Posted:  15 Sep 2010 18:07   Last Edited By: steveliu
Posted:  10 Nov 2010 14:08
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo AMAZING SONG!
Posted:  15 Nov 2010 11:56   Last Edited By: steveliu
This song makes me happy!   

Ben, Jordan and Jodie
Posted:  22 Nov 2010 20:20
that is the best song I've read some comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  22 Nov 2010 20:25

don't laugh at my name but its Chelsea it's cool ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  22 Dec 2010 11:39
big song but a great one! i used to sing it in lower school!
finally i know the words!
Posted:  22 Dec 2010 11:42
all the great faces!
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