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Posted:  28 Feb 2008 20:17
me and my mate were singing this in photography today!


we went to dif primary schools but it was both our fave school song lol

love it!!
Posted:  09 Mar 2008 18:43
I love that song  :P
Posted:  15 Mar 2008 16:41
at school we sing it with our teacher in assembly people think its boring but i love it
Posted:  24 Mar 2008 18:53
i like it it reminds me of the greatest father GOD!
Posted:  16 Apr 2008 07:13
Posted:  19 Apr 2008 18:15
i like this song the older ones sing it and the little ones do the reply.
Posted:  19 Apr 2008 18:16
i like this song the older ones sing it and the little ones do the reply.
Posted:  21 Apr 2008 18:40
what is the name of this song,
contact me on king_abhijit@hotmail.com
Posted:  12 May 2008 19:09
this song is my favourite one at school
Posted:  23 May 2008 16:19
this hymm sucks!! wheres the beat!!
Posted:  23 May 2008 16:21   Last Edited By: steveliu
singin in class rules
Posted:  24 May 2008 12:23
i sing this song in assembley in primary school now, but i am moving up to senior school, and we don't sing songs there!!!  i don't think it's right that senior kids don't get to sing hyms.....do u agree??

i also sang this song in recption!!!
Posted:  24 May 2008 22:53
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo grait maby the best song everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Posted:  01 Jun 2008 15:26
we play this song at school in assembly and its the best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted:  05 Jun 2008 18:34
I love this song we sing it at the abbey junior school
Posted:  22 Jun 2008 00:05
hannah salvage started singing it at a party today
i thought it was monkey to the kangeroo not snake
lol, i was wrong
Posted:  27 Jun 2008 20:34
i love this song its the best i can rember singing it in primary school

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                          best song ever!
Posted:  05 Jul 2008 21:48
what a song, apparently im singing it too loud
Posted:  19 Jul 2008 19:00
we sing it in the yr6 leavers thing.
Posted:  20 Jul 2008 15:57
This song is just soo cute i knew i would find the words again one day. Before today used to get my animals mixed up. Thank you,you've made my day! = )
Posted:  25 Jul 2008 11:01
love this song... used to sing it at school right up to year six.... now im studying childcare i wanted to teach the kids on my placements it but never remembered it.... is it called from the tiny ant or does it have some other name?
Posted:  19 Aug 2008 17:56
i wanna eat the song
Posted:  25 Aug 2008 18:10
banging tune innit laaaaaav it.
Posted:  21 Sep 2008 16:56
i used to sing that in my primary school and it was way cool!!!  it was like totally funky...x lol...x  (baram-bam-bam)

(don't ask)

bubi lots of love to all u geeks and dorks out there...x

Rock On!!!
Posted:  09 Oct 2008 17:28
omg i used 2 sing that at juniors when i was younger!

the whole school loved that song!

and we loved the streets of london too? anyone ever sung that one at juniors?.
Posted:  09 Oct 2008 19:56
i luv the song i all ways sing it in schl its amaizin
Posted:  28 Oct 2008 15:36
Did any1 here go 2 ridgeway primary school??
Posted:  01 Dec 2008 14:35

(Luke smells of poo)
Posted:  08 Dec 2008 20:10
16 bored in science...... remmemising!!!
Posted:  25 Dec 2008 21:54
this song sucks
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