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Posted:  30 Sep 2008 05:45
I need the lyrics for a Baptist hymn that contains the line:  "And He'll hold to my hand . . .
Posted:  30 Sep 2008 08:51
I believe I know the one you're after.  We still sing it at our little Baptist  church in North Georgia, however I can't think of the actual title...thought it was "He'll Hold to My Hand."   Not in Baptist Hymnal under that title, but pretty sure it's there.  I'll try to find it .  As for now, do these lyrics sound familiar?

He'll hold to my hand, as over death's river I go
And safe I shall be, in beautiful Heaven I know.

some of verse
"I want to see Mother and saints of yore"
then in another verse
"I'll enter the life boat that's sailing near
To carry me over the sea" 

   It's there, just can't come thru with it  at this moment...will work on it .  OOPS,  my husband (our choir director) says it's not in  th Baptist Hymnal, but in "Great Songs of Inspiration Vol. 11 or 12.  He say's it is titled "He'll Hold To My Hand".  Don't have a copy of either volume here at home, but there are copies at our church.  By the time I get back to you, you may already have it down pat...ha, ha    Hopefully, Dolores
Posted:  30 Sep 2008 21:18
My sister and I sing this song at our church. I hope this is what you are looking for!

1. Some day when I've traveled my last mile here,
The call will be coming for me;
I'll enter the lifeboat that will be near
To carry me over the sea.

He'll hold-------------- my hand
      (Hold to my hand)      (Yes, hold to my hand)
As over death's river I go;
Then safe------------------I'll be
          (Safe I shall be)   (Then safe I shall be)
In beautiful heaven I know.

2. My boat shall sail safely tho waves dash high
for Jesus will be at my side.
He'll still the rough waters when by and by
I'm crossing the river so wide

3. I'm ready to go to that golden shore
To live there while ages shall roll;
I want to see Jesus and saints of yore
In heaven the home of the soul.
Posted:  01 Oct 2008 09:04
Hey, She's got it!  But where did I get "I want to see mother"?  Must be another song...oh, well. Dolores
Posted:  02 Oct 2008 04:28
NO, you have the right song, the third verse is in most books as "I want to see Mother and saints of yore" One could change that if so desired I suppose
Posted:  24 Jun 2011 02:32
Well, 3 years later, you helped me out.  I needed this song to sing at a funeral.  Thanks for your help.
Posted:  11 Jul 2011 05:04
I havent heard this song in years.  My mother and grandmother used to sing it together many years ago.....Always has been one of my favorites.  I listened to Rhonda Vincent sing it on you tube (I saw a link on one of my friends FB page).....AWESOME job!!!  yall should listen.  Well take care!!!
Posted:  24 Jan 2012 16:36
Anyone have the chords for this?
Posted:  05 Jan 2016 06:04
God bless you sweet saints. I'll see you there!!!
Beautiful blessing of a song! Thank you so much!!!
Posted:  05 Jan 2016 15:51
I have the sheet music for "When I"ve Traveled My Last MIle" (He'll Hold My Hand) if anyone wants it.  Send me your name and address and I will mail it to you.  I cannot email. foxygrandma7@yahoo.com
Posted:  03 Nov 2017 19:42
When I've Traveled The Last Mile
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