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Posted:  27 Jul 2006 06:19
Here are the words to "My Friend" that you are looking for.  I hope you see this:

There has never been a friend like Jesus
I have never found a friend so true
When I'm weary and my steps grow wayward,
Then He comes to me with strength anew.

We walk hand in hand through this pilgrim land,
Here we linger for a day,
But soon we'll leave this land of night
For a better life
There my friend and I will stay.

Let me recommend this friend so precious
He will understand your deepest need.
For He's walked this lonely path before us,
And He's able every step to lead.
Posted:  07 Jul 2009 05:49
I think in the chorus it should be:
"But soon we'll leave this land of night
For that land so bright"

Thanks for posting; I was looking for the words
Posted:  22 Aug 2009 05:51
My dad just pulled out a hymnal (The New Church Hymnal by Lexicon) that has this in it.  It's by Ralph Carmichael.
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