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Posted:  27 Jul 2006 01:40
Does anyone have the lyrics to "Gettin' Ready Today, Movin' Out Tomorrow"?
Posted:  27 Jul 2006 05:21
1.  I want to move from this world of fear,
    Getting kinda tired of living here
    I want to go home where the winds of sorrow never
    Far from the sadness and the gloom,
    Far from the shadow of the tomb
    I wanna go home when death demands my
    shattered soul.

Cho:  Gettin' ready today, movin' out tomorrow
      gonna say goodby to earthly sorrow
      I'm looking for a mansion fair
      I see the lights, I'm almost there.

2.  I wanna go home when life is through
    movin' up to heaven where dreams come true
    I kinda get thrilled just thinking of the
    glory we will share
    I wanna see my loved ones who have gone,
    I wanna see the King upon His throne,
    I'll never return to this old life
    when I get there.
Posted:  28 Jul 2006 06:36
Thank you SO much for finding that for me! )
Posted:  24 Apr 2009 04:54
Thanks...could not believe this was soooo hard to find!
God Bless!
Posted:  13 Aug 2012 06:02
Thank you...................now how can I download FREE music to this song?
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