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Posted:  06 Sep 2008 04:46
I would like the words to this song .
Posted:  07 Sep 2008 18:45
Hello. I couldn't find anything for The next He comes but I did find the words and song for The next TIME He comes so I hope this is the one you want and meant, otherwise my apologies.

You can find the free MP3 download here -

http://newtouch.org/Merchant4/merchant.mvc?Sc ...

And here are the lyrics. As I say, I hope it's the one you are looking for.

CH. But the next time He comes He won’t have to die for me - the next time He comes there won’t be a Calvary - the next time He comes we’ll begin eternity - for when He comes again He’ll be coming for me

VS.1 From the lofty courts of Heaven came a bud on earth to bloom - knowing when He left His Father that His fate would be the tomb - but the grave it could not hold Him - angels rolled the stone away - now the mighty Rose of Sharon is still blooming yet today

VS.2 I remember when I met Him how the Spirit took control - He established all my goings now He stars in my life's roll - for a King to come from heaven knowing then of Calvary - oh what love beyond all measure that He’d give His life for me
Posted:  12 Sep 2008 00:04
It'll  Be Different

The first time you came to a stable long ago.
They pushed you aside for they really didn't
know, who had come to their world to save
and to heal.  So they followed you and your
cross to the top of the hill.

But it'll be different the next time you come,
wait  and see.  You got a lot of lonely
children and one of them is me.
You know we want to see you, though we're
never really at home.   So if you're waiting
to be invited,Lord Jesus please come.

The minutes  seem like hours and hours
like days.  I don't  know how long  we've
waited,but it seems like it's been always.
Just to think the God of glory came in flesh
like a man and the only thanks he got for
coming was the nails through His hands.
Posted:  21 Jun 2013 20:52
Thanks! Very Helpful...
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