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Posted:  04 Aug 2011 19:03
My story is very similar to the ones written above, I overheard someone singing it at work in french and tears came to my eyes because my Grandmother sang this song all the time when I was a little girl. 

I started looking for the lyrics because I could not remember the song, just the chorus and parts of a verse, the last time I tried singing it to my my daughter.  Thank you so much for the lyrics.  The song came up just at the right time, while I'm going through some frustrating days, in the distance I heard it and knew it was my grandmother watching over me.  That was comforting.
Posted:  15 Aug 2011 02:56
accordion notes to Un dia la vez
Posted:  17 Sep 2011 07:09
Love this song , muy buena Dios nos bendiga a todos amen
Posted:  17 Sep 2011 07:15
God is always with us, faith in God is what we all need love everybody amen GOD BLESS US ALL thank you Jesus Christ amen
Posted:  04 Oct 2011 11:39
Thank you for the lyrics. I was searching and I found it. I wanted to teach my sons this song. God bless you all for your contribution.
Posted:  25 Jan 2012 20:47
Me  encanta este canto.  Estoy  tratando de tocarla en la guitarra.  Se que Dios contesta oraciones.

Ruperto  Villalon
Posted:  12 Feb 2012 02:28
anytime i hear this song it remind me about heaven where God seated,immediately anxiety and worry of my life will fanished.thanks for the song.pls i want to be part of the group you can reach me through this e mail olakemic@ymail.com  .                                 michael
Posted:  12 Feb 2012 02:56
the revised lyrics for second verse is     do you remember when you walked among men, well jesus you know if your looking below its worse now then then, cheating and stealing, violence and crime so for my sake teach me to take one day at a time
Posted:  23 Mar 2012 08:51
i have been going through alot this week with my sister being impregnated and the man denies his reponsibilty, now without a mother and i'm the only one who has completed my degree but still without a job. she has only me to lean on and i'm just a woman having no strengh but asking God to be my strength. this mroning this song just came into my mind and indeed my God will fight for me. thanks for this lyrics.
Posted:  18 May 2012 01:10
does anyone know the words to ...His Kind of Love?
Posted:  21 May 2012 04:57   Last Edited By: newborn
I don't know sure but I think the old version was sung by Christy Lane. sorry if I 'm wrong.the song is  one day at the time
Posted:  15 Jun 2012 12:25
I trully looove this song. It inspires me and lifts me up when am down. It has taught me to take each day at a time and appreciate whatever little av got and give thanks, not to worry too much about tomorrow coz i know God holds me at the palm of his hand and will take care of me.
Posted:  22 Oct 2012 05:09
i always cry when i hear this song
Posted:  28 Jan 2013 10:59
thanks so much i can find the lyric of this song. i have heard this song over the years but today someone sang it as a special number and i was moved to seek for the lyrics. the song is motivating and inspiring
Posted:  22 Feb 2013 06:44
This song makes my day.  It is a powerful prayer.
Posted:  06 Mar 2013 17:26
is it
that's all i'm asking from you
that's all i'm asking of you??
Posted:  28 May 2013 13:16
Id be grateful to get the french lyrics for this song
Posted:  09 Apr 2014 15:50
I only know Tammy Faye Baker's Version:

One Day At A Time
I'm only human, Lord I'm just a woman
Lord help me believe that all I can be is all that I am
Show me the stairway, that I have to climb
Oh Lord for my sake teach me to take
One day at a time.

One day at a time, Sweet Jesus
It's all I'm asking from you
Just give the strength to do everyday
what I have to do
Oh yesterday gone, Sweet Jesus
And tomorrow may never be mine
So for my sake teach me to take
One day at a time

Lord do you remember,.. when you walked among men
Lord Jesus you know, if you're looking below
it's worst now than then
All the pushing and the shoving, it crowds my mind
Oh Lord for my sake teach me to take
One day at a time.

Chorus in Spanish
Un dia a la vez mi Cristo
Es lo que vengo a pedir
Las fuerzas me des para yo hacer lo que debo hacer
Ayer paso mi Cristo y manana no se que traera
Senor pido a ti ayudame a vivir
Un dia a la vez.

This has been my favorite version for years. Hope you enjoy!
Posted:  16 Sep 2014 07:23
Thank you.....the words in this song are so encouraging and inspirirng....so much comforting....i just printed out and stack in on my office board....my prayer every morning..God bless.
Posted:  27 Feb 2015 06:58
The song is very inspiring and encouraging. it reminds me of the grace of God when i woke up everyday to do my duties. surely the Lord loves his people.
Posted:  27 Feb 2015 07:07
The song is very inspiring especially when someone is passing through life challenges and even when good times. Nashon from Nairobi Kenya. amen God bless.
Posted:  24 Jun 2017 08:29
Thank you all for blessing me with the story and lyrics of this great song and prayer "One day at a time sweet Jesus".
Posted:  24 Jun 2017 15:15
I have the sheet music to "One Day At A Time" if anyone wants it. foxygrandma7@yahoo.com
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