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Posted:  30 Aug 2008 16:49
he never left even though i turned my back on him living in aworld of sin i was trying to find my way again.  sudden destruction soon came my way  i was lost and i was dying and now i am trumpet .        this is some of the words to the song i'm looking for it may be sung by the traveling echos
Posted:  03 Sep 2008 09:59
He never left me, though I turned my back on Him
Living in a world of sin, trying to run away again.
He never left me, when I chose to walk away.
Even when I couldn’t pray, He never left me.

So many directions, the roads look the same
He gave me instructions, I disregarded in shame
Then sudden destruction soon came my way.
I’ll have to say, I’ve got me to blame.

I chose a wrong road cause it looked good to me
I walked blindly onward, I just could not see
I was lost and I was dying, but now I am trying
I reached out to Jesus, you know He reached out to me.

Thanks for asking ... I wrote the song.
Posted:  06 Sep 2008 04:39
Hi lhylton,

I am going to assume that the "L" stands for "Lynda" and the "hylton" stands for "Hylton"

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by the site, for writing such beautiful lyrics, and for your service to the Lord!

To everyone reading this, I definitely encourage you to visit Lynda and Christopher Hylton's ministry at http://iouministries.com. This track is available at http://iouministries.com/Soundtracks.htm

God bless!
Posted:  14 Sep 2008 11:06
Hello Steve,
Thanks so much for your reply and thank you for referencing our website.
I have enjoyed this site and found the answers to a lot of questions I had about songs.  This is a really useful site for singers, songwriters, or anyone interested in gospel music. Thank you! 

Lynda Hylton
Posted:  30 Jan 2010 01:15
does anyone know the words to god's not through with you
Posted:  07 Mar 2010 06:42
To me this is one of the greasest gospel songs ever written is has touched my heart so many times. thank you for such an inspiring song
Posted:  08 Jun 2010 04:00
hello, my name is amy, my dad has heard this song sung by shelby lynne on the radio several times and no one seems to know or heard of her singing it.  if there is any possible way you could tell us how to get this song with her singing it, please contact me at ladypoet01@yahoo.com.  it would mean a great deal to him to finally have this song for his own.


amy blackwell
Posted:  24 Oct 2010 14:10
keep writing songs this one is  great. we saw on the chelby lynn sing it on the tv . the most beatuiful song ever. God bless you always
Posted:  22 Aug 2011 05:04
I have listened to this song about 100 times in the past two weeks since first hearing her sing...Love her voice and love the message!!!  I have looked everywhere online to purchase her music but have had no luck - even with the record label.
Posted:  20 Dec 2011 08:02
Does anyone know how to get the sounstrack to He never left me and I O U Lord? Email:natncase@bellsouth.net
Posted:  06 Mar 2013 20:15
I'm trying to find the track for this song He Never Left Me, to sing can anyone help me I just love this song
Posted:  06 Mar 2013 20:19
It reminds me when my Mother passed away I was angry with the Lord, and I quit singing and one day I had a talk with Jesus and told him I was sorry and asked for forgiveness and He told me He never left me He understood what I was going through that He just held me and loved me through it, so please if anyone can help me get this soundtrack, my e mail is theresacarter1963@hotmail.com Thank's
Posted:  20 Mar 2013 00:24

I have just recently discovered this song and it is so beautiful. I have been trying to find the lyrics and chords to this song for days...is there a way I could get you to tell me the chords to this song please?
Thank you.
Posted:  13 Apr 2017 06:06
Can you please post the chords??
Posted:  27 Aug 2017 21:31
Chelby Lynn is the singer on this song. She is on Facebook and you can contact her there. She is very sick right now so pray for her.
Posted:  27 Aug 2017 22:06
Go too:
www.Chordify.com type song in and get chords.
I have their app and use it! The song is in Db.
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