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Posted:  21 Aug 2008 20:11
Does anyone have these lyrics?  thanks
Posted:  22 Aug 2008 16:26
Victory Is Ours

The victory is ours, the victory is ours
The battle is the Lord's and the victory is ours.
There's no doubt it's time to shout,
It's within His pow'r,
The battle is the Lord's and the victory is ours.

Verse 1
It's time to hold your head up and go the extra mile.
Don't start the day discouraged, but greet with a smile.
For the Captain of Salvation has won the victory
The enemy was defeated at the cross of Calvary.

Verse 2
Oh soon we'll spread the table, we'll put on a robe of white.
They'll set another place for those who've fought and won the fight.
I hope we're all ready to hear that trumpet sound,
But 'til that day, come what may, we're gonna stand our ground.
Posted:  24 Aug 2008 01:55
Thank you so much.  There is an elderly gentleman in our church that will be very happy.  He asked me if I could find the words to this song.  Thanks again for taking the time to post the words!
Posted:  22 Oct 2017 03:26
Here is a Christian young man singing this song on a youtube video.

Victory Is Ours sung by Brett Harris

* * * * *

Brett Harris Youtube Channel
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