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Posted:  19 Jul 2009 10:32
I have been trying to order this music from Solid Rock but do not ship to Australia - can anyone help me please - Can I buy it from someone and pay for shipping please.
Posted:  20 Jul 2009 03:11
Posted:  21 Jul 2009 20:42
My son and I were at church this past Sunday.  We had a musical group out of Clinton, Ark.  They sung this song and it just seemed to have moved me.  It just made my day go so well.

Posted:  23 Jul 2009 16:44
This is an amazing song! The first time I heard it was in NC and Champion Baptist Church sang it! It rings true in my life more than any song I have ever heard! If you go to Champion Baptist website you might be able to purchase a cd with this song on it! I have quite a few decisions and major events happening right now and am amazed at how often I find myself humming this powerful song! Thankyou for the lyric post!

Posted:  23 Jul 2009 18:16
I heard this song at teen camp and I loved it!! I tried to find the lyrics, but no one had them. thanks for putting them on here! Me and my older brother love to sing so we just might sing this sometime!!
Posted:  25 Jul 2009 23:38
some one out their should have the chords to this song. Share with us. This song is talk about all most everyday. Bless us so we can bless others. God Bless you.
Posted:  28 Jul 2009 23:16
I heard a group called "The Keene Mountain Brothers" sing this song and I thought they were the ones who wrote it.
Posted:  31 Jul 2009 05:21
Everyone keeps naming names of who wrote the song.  If you don't know for sure, don't go by what someone told you.
And, "Where can I get the sheet music?"  I actually read the posts and found out where!
And it tells the authors name.  Michael Compton.
You can buy the sheet music for $5.00 here:
http://bookstore.solidrockcommunications.org/ ...
Hope this lays all the questions to rest.  =)
Posted:  01 Aug 2009 20:25
we are singing this song at a teen camp this week we got it of the hooker girls cd and we really love it. there are five of us girls singing it and we have split up in parts and it sounds pretty good i just hope it will move peoples hearts like all the other stories we hear. i know were only 14-16 yrs old but i would love to change sombodys heart.
Posted:  03 Aug 2009 16:47
i went 2 a youth rally and the chior sang this song
Posted:  05 Aug 2009 02:28
Me and two ladies from my church have been singing this song for about  a year and a half and it is moving everytime we sing it.
Posted:  05 Aug 2009 17:42
Bro Mike Compton is the lead singer of the Keen Mountain Brothers
Posted:  10 Aug 2009 03:37
I first heard this song performed by some friend of ours, the Fortune Family.  Their website is www.thefortunes.org
It isn't available on their page, but you could request a copy of their cd.  It hasn't been released yet either, but I am sure they could get you more info.  You can download their older albums off their site.
Posted:  10 Aug 2009 23:47
I love this song. I have sung it at my church but I have no idea where to get sheet music. Does anyone know where I could get it?
Posted:  16 Aug 2009 07:29
Hi!!!! This song is absolutely AMAZING!! Could somebody send it to me as well!! at mmaldonado0205@gmail.com thank you so much!!
Posted:  27 Aug 2009 11:34
Ok...I'm laughing after reading some posts here....
I'm gonna make it easy for those wanting to record this song.  Here is the OFFICIAL info.
Michael Compton wrote this song.  You will find him listed as the Singer/songwriter at BMI's website...HIS CAE/IPI # is 187576809
The publishing company is:
Rock Altar Publishing CAE/IPI # 196504646
ANDY S MATTHEWS (Goes by "Scott")
This is who to contact if you want to get a mechanical license that you need to record the song.  If you buy or record a CD which does not give songwriting cred. and list rights, they have done the same thing as burned a song off the internet illegally and you as a Christian should avoid these artists.  How can we steal a song and expect the power of GOD to be upon it?
Best of luck and hope this helps.
Posted:  06 Sep 2009 13:27
im a the choir director of our church.....if anyone could send me the music sheet of i have been blssed please, please send me...i  pray that God would touch your heart... my email is noodles_yummy15@yahoo.com or noodles_yummy20@yahoo.com....i really want my churchmates to hear this song......thank so much!!!!
Posted:  15 Sep 2009 20:03
Michael Compton wrote it. I would also like the chords...as I can't read standard notation ("Sheet music") Anybody know the chords???
Posted:  17 Sep 2009 21:27
hyles anderson college sing this song in chapel all the time. if you contact the college you can get a cd of the song and the sermon that was preached after it
Posted:  29 Sep 2009 17:11
I love this song! I live in a small town in NC and i am the pianist and lead/tenor singer in a gospel trio called Unashamed, made up of myself and my best friend (both 19 yrs old) and his younger sister (16 yrs old). We recently started singing this song and our church and the other churches we have sang at love it. I sing lead on this one and every time i sing it i can barely get through it without crying. This song truly is a blessing and anyone who has not heard it should check it out.
Posted:  18 Oct 2009 22:39
Please, I love this song, if anyone could be so kind as to send me the sheet music either email or let me know and I can pay shipping to you for mail costs. thanks rebeccamosley_5@yahoo.com
Posted:  20 Oct 2009 17:02
Yeah we need some chords! Anybody, know them? If so, PLEASE type them out for us! That'd be Soooooooo wonderful!!! If I had 'em I'd type them out...so sorry guys, wish I had 'em myself...'Cause I can't read traditional sheet music either..Also, a tab would be nice too if somebody knows it...

And btw, I have the soundtrack...if you'd like it, please email me here and I'd be happy to send it to anyone for free.

Posted:  27 Oct 2009 05:40
this is an amazing song
Posted:  27 Oct 2009 21:45
i have been looking for this song for soo long.  i am  amazed on how this song has touched so many ppl.

I have been listening to it lately due to something  i am going thru.
Posted:  02 Nov 2009 05:37
Its on the Far City Boys CD
Posted:  11 Nov 2009 05:13
this song is a blessing and there is so much truth in it.
Posted:  17 Nov 2009 07:33
there is also another verse:

I can't believe He would do this for me
God's only Son, bled and died on that tree
I can't wait to get home to see His sweet face
And complete my story of His amazing grace
O I have been blessed!
Posted:  25 Nov 2009 05:09
i really love this song my whole sunday school class is going to sing it and we are 11,12,and 13 it is going to be so pretty
Posted:  28 Nov 2009 21:29
Could someone send me the lyrics and the music to this song as soon as possible.  This song has really touched my life and I would like to share it by singing it in church.  Thank you so much
Debby Dye
3009 Creekside Dr.
Apt 301
Fort Worth, TX  76106     (817)709-3754
Posted:  29 Nov 2009 00:33
The Chord pattern is really simple!!! It pretty much just c f g and a minor! That is the chord pattern for the key of C! If you want to change the key it is the same pattern
This is a very good song
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