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Posted:  17 Jun 2010 11:20
I have a crumpled handwritten version of the specific version sought on this post (the 20 July 2009 version above) with a name, presumably the author.

Author: David Palmer, Croydon

Although this copy says "by the cooling stream" which makes more sense.
Posted:  15 Jul 2010 11:52
I have now done an updated version, copied from sheet music I was supplied by a lady called Elisabeth.

It's slightly different and definitely better than my original (written from memory).

I have added everything to a "Lord Is My Shepherd" page:

Any comments, just email me!

Posted:  10 Aug 2010 00:20
Hi There,
We sang this at my primary school and i know for sure that David Palmer is the author because we were a Croydon primary school and he came from Croydon.
Posted:  13 Aug 2010 08:51
Gees... I have been trying to get these lyrics for aeons :-)
Posted:  23 Aug 2010 15:27

I have found & emailed David Palmer, and he confirms he is the author.

It is part of his Christmas oratorio, "Holy Boy".

I have bought a copy of the whole oratorio from him, on CD and sheet music, which I've now had for a couple of weeks and thoroughly recommend to anyone.

His website is www.david-palmer.co.uk/

I have also urged him to publish the lyrics on his site so that Google searches will find him directly, but hopefully this thread will ensure people will find him if they are persistent. I'll also leave my Lord Is My Shepherd page up ( www.denmiller.com/lims ) unless he says otherwise.

Case closed, finally!!

Posted:  22 Nov 2010 13:05
I am in my element for finding the words and sheet music after so long.   I also sang it in primary school choir.
Thank you for persevering
Posted:  06 May 2011 12:04
thank you denmiller, you've helped me out
Posted:  11 May 2011 10:31
Guys, thank you so so so much! Like everyone here, David Palmer's rendition of The Lord is My Shepherd is one of my favourite hymns and I've struggled in vain to find the music to it online - even lyrics are hard!

I did actually have one prized copy of the music score from my days in the choir but this was in a bag that was stolen, along with my entire collection of beautiful music scores. This was one of the hymns I've been unable to get back. Den Miller, you are amazing!!! I will be playing this song in church and singing with the choir this coming Sunday and thanking you all the way!
Posted:  07 Jun 2011 07:22
Just in case your post has become redundant - i am so happy i found it FINALLY!! Sang this song in high school it used to make me tear up! 

Thanks again
Posted:  15 Jul 2011 18:31
I'm David Palmer!
I'm delighted to know so many people are keen to get their hands on 'The Lord Is My Shepherd' from my oratorio ;Holy Boy'
Copies of music and words can be obtained direct from me:
E-mail: djpmaestro@yahoo.co.uk
Posted:  21 Aug 2011 20:55
The movie was (is) called TIGER BAY. It was Hayley Mills's first movie; it was in black and white, came out in 1959, and is one of my favorite movies  of all time. It's absolutely fabulous; her performance was brilliant. Walt Disney saw her in it and brought her to the US and cast her in her first Disney film, POLLYANNA.
Posted:  05 Sep 2011 03:37
The version of the tune of "The Lord's My Shepherd" is the one (mentioned by a guest ) called "Brother James Air" by James L Bain, 1840 -- 1925. If it were written in the Key of C major, the first few notes would be something like ....  C (middle, half note, perhaps?) ... E (quarter note) ... G (quarter note) ... C (high, half note) ... A  (half note) ... B (quarter) ... E (quarter) ... B (half) ... A (half) ... G (quarter) ... C (quarter) ... C (half) ... B (half) ... C (whole?)
Posted:  25 Nov 2011 11:25
thanks for the giving me the lyrics javascriptaste_string(document.PForm.message,''
Posted:  29 Nov 2011 16:42
Thank you for asking about the song. I have been trying for so long to find out who the composer was. My choir children love singing it. I can now get an original copy. At last!
Posted:  02 Dec 2011 18:18
Re: post on 5th Sep 2011
Thank you but please note we're NOT talking about the Brother James Air, nice though that is, nor any other version. This thread is about the David Palmer version, which has been really hard to find. Anyone who comes across this thread will have almost certainly Googled the lyrics, which are unique to his version. They need to know their search is over and that it's the David Palmer version they are looking for. Please don't confuse them. Please read the history before posting.
Posted:  05 Dec 2011 23:36
This song - the one you were looking for comes from a musical called Holy Boy by David Palmer that was popular in the late 1970s. I always loved it . Don't know if you've found this already!
Best wishes.
Posted:  16 May 2012 21:53
I know I am HOPELESSLY late but the version everyone has looked for and combined their memories to get to was written by David Palmer from Croydon / Purley area. He has his own website and is very approachable if you need music / lyrics. He has written amazing music (Holy Boy, etc) and has put on shows at The Fairfield Halls in Croydon.


I hope that helps anyone in the future.

Posted:  26 Aug 2012 09:49
Yes I have a score too with no name and lots of doodles!  Acquired from a school I used to teach at!  I used to ask the children to sing it as I drove them in the minibus!!!!  Please let me have a copy when you are done.  I have been trying to create the score but my software is useless!
Posted:  06 Nov 2012 21:14
i haven't heard this song since primary school. It is so lovely
Posted:  07 Dec 2012 23:32
has anyone found the name of this song yet?
Posted:  01 Nov 2013 00:34
The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want, I have everything that I need. Near to pastures green by the cooling stream, here He will revive my drooping spirit.
My Lord (oh my Lord) Lord be my shepherd. Let me be your sheep.

I have only just started learning this song at my new secondary school and I genuinely adore this song. My music teacher added in loads of lobely harmonies and I'm very happy to have come across this song. Hopefully I shall never forget it.
Posted:  24 Jul 2014 13:56
now does anyone have the guitar chords?
Posted:  06 Sep 2014 11:16
I was just looking for the lyrics too but I and my wife have sung this for many years at weddings and services. Here is scan of a photocopy of which we have many too in various states and sizes but attached is my best one if you still want it. Couldn't attach it here on my Mac so have emailed it to info@denmiller.com. Maybe you can re-post it for the others who may be interested
Posted:  11 Sep 2014 00:46
Here is one by the Chuck Wagon Gang
The chorus has repeats.

I wandered along down sin's lonesome valley, till I heard a sweet voice saying "Sinner come home". I heeded the call, came to him and repented.
Now I'm happy today, that I'm one of his own.
The lord is my shepherd...........
And I shall not want............
In pastures so green he maketh me lie.....
Beside the still waters......
He restoreth my soul......
Oh, Glory to God, I am free and made whole.

I dont recall the last verse, but when I do, I will get back and put it on.
Posted:  06 Oct 2014 14:35
If anyone is in York, we at Acomb Methodist Church are singing Holy Boy on Sunday 21 December.
Posted:  08 Nov 2017 15:12
So late to this party but I happened to be looking for this version too today as we sang it at my high school.  There is a version on youtube by said school.
Here's the link https://youtu.be/0c6fCOe7Jy0
If that doesn't work just look up Chisipite Senior School The Lord is My Shepherd
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