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Posted:  01 Aug 2008 04:50
Does anyone know the lyrics they go kinda like this :

the chours go No Trouble can ever get me down
when I clsoe my eyes in death
with my jesus i'll be at rest
and you'll know I'm satisfied,
Please email to drussellj4@att.net
Posted:  01 Aug 2008 16:20

1. You may ask me if I'm happy, if I have sweet peace within,
If I'm worried about tomorrow, when I reach my journey's end.
Well, I'm satisfied with my Jesus. When He knocks I'll let Him in.
He'll go with me through the valley for I know He is my friend.

Satisfied, satisfied, no trouble can ever get me down.
For when my eyes are closed in death with my Jesus I'll be at rest.
Then you'll know --- I'm satisfied.

2. If my friends all forsake me and they turn me from their door.
If they sow no seeds of kindness, make the thorns in my path grow.
Well, it won't matter over yonder when I've reached the other side.
For I'm gonna sit down by my Jesus, satisfied. Satisfied.

Last time: I've got that old time religion, got that old time religion.
Satisfied, satisfied.
Posted:  24 Nov 2017 06:04
Here is a youtube video

Satisfied [Live] - Kim Hopper, Amy Lambert, Sonya Isaacs   
                 * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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