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Posted:  02 Apr 2007 01:12
I think I have found the song originally asked for.  Very simple words.
"Thank you, Lord.  Thank you, Lord.  Thank you, Lord.  I just want to thank you, Lord".   I found it in the Red United Methodist Hymnal  copyright 1989  Twenty third printing 2001
Posted:  14 Apr 2007 06:42
I was looking for that same song. It's obvious no one read the original post closely. They'd realize the other songs were no the ones spoken of. Soloist do you know of anyone who has actually recorded that song. IF it is the right song, it will go from "Thank you Lord" to "You Been so Good"
Posted:  21 Apr 2007 17:43
I was also looking for a copy of "Thank you, Lord, by Dan Burgess and was led to this site. I would also like a copy is that is possible. cynthiawalt@gmail.com  Thank you.
Posted:  22 Apr 2007 09:00
anyone who has an mp3 of "Thank You Lord" by Dan Burgess, can you mail me pls? mockingmonkeys@yahoo.com.sg
Posted:  24 Apr 2007 17:36
same here..have been searching high and low for Dan Burgess' "Thank You Lord"...if u have it, please let me know

Posted:  26 Apr 2007 04:03
hi there.. I just heard of the song 2 days ago and was searching for the mp3 since then it really touched my heart too.. i hope if anyone of u have it pls send it to me. thnx.. amadea1@hotmail.com
Posted:  07 May 2007 09:41
thank you all very much I got what I was looking for
Posted:  14 May 2007 05:09
does anyone has the piano scores for 'Thank You Lord" by Dan Burgess?
Am helping my teacher to search for this music scores.

Can you email ti to me: skylightjen@yahoo.com

Thank U very much!
Posted:  14 May 2007 05:10
does anyone has the piano scores for 'Thank You Lord" by Dan Burgess?
Am helping my teacher to search for this music scores.

Can you email ti to me: skylightjen@yahoo.com

Thank U very much!
Posted:  03 Jun 2007 14:30
I've been looking for Thank You Lord by Dan Burgess for a looooong time I love that song! Anyone has it?
Posted:  07 Jun 2007 14:19
yeah been looking for Thank You Lord by Dan Burgess since it was played at my graduation ceremony. could anyone who has an .mp3 of it kindly send it to me. mail's  weikann@gmail.com
Posted:  23 Jun 2007 04:31
I would love to have a copy of any version of ...Thank you Lord... also if it is available.  Send music and lyrics to    johnfbjr57@gmail.com

Thanks and God bless you.

Posted:  13 Jul 2007 04:35
hi, newbie here - thanks for the lyrics of THANK YOU LORD, by dan burgess... the song means a lot to me..
Posted:  14 Jul 2007 02:09
hi if anyone have the mp3 for Thank You Lord by dan burgess pls send it to me.. thnx .. amadea1@hotmail.com
Posted:  16 Jul 2007 03:44
My morning service just sang the Thank You Lord song by Dan Burgess.  The last time I sang the same song was 15 years back and am very touched by it. Pls email to me at ireney_ng@yahoo.com.  Thanks very much!
Posted:  17 Jul 2007 03:48
Nickey25...you wrote this back in November regarding the chorus - Thank You, Lord...

Thank You, Lord
Stephen Key, Copyright 2000, GIA Publications

Thank You, Lord, thank You, Lord, thank You, Lord, I just want to thank You, Lord.
Been so good, been so good, been so good, I just want to thank You, Lord.

Was wondering where you were able to locate this information as I was unable to find it on the BMI or ASCAP site or even the Library of Congress.  Is the publisher GIA Publications? and is it with BMI oor ASCAP?  We are trying to use this song on a project and have been unable to locate this vital information.  We need the information as quickly as possible, if possible.
Posted:  26 Jul 2007 04:43
can someone kindly send me the mp3 of "Thank You Lord" by Dan Burgess, and the piano scores as well? thanks! (shulynn@singnet.com.sg)
Posted:  01 Aug 2007 04:59
can someone send it to me the mp3 and music sheet too? fidelislie@yahoo.com
I am really touched with this song...

thanks so much...
Posted:  02 Aug 2007 12:01
Hi hi I am looking high and low for Thank you Lord by DanBurgess. Can a kind-hearted soul please email to me at uuminee@yahoo.com

This song has touched me greatly!

Many many thanks!!
Posted:  04 Aug 2007 04:04
I would also like a copy of mp3, sheet music, guitar  chords, anything that has Dan Burgess, I Thank You , Lord!
Posted:  21 Aug 2007 14:20
Would greatly appreciate if anyone has the piano notes for "Thank you Lord" by Dan Burgess, to forward it to me at bettyho8@gmail.com. God Bless you.
Posted:  23 Aug 2007 01:34
This is a chorus we sang at a church years ago:

I thank you Lord, I thank you Lord,
You've been so good (been so good) to me,
You've been my doctor,
You've been my lawyer,
You've been my heart fixer, mind regulator,
Made a way,
You've healed the sick, raised the dead,
5000 hungry souls you fed,
So yes, I thank you Lord,
Posted:  14 Sep 2007 17:22
hey, can i please have the song thank you lord by dan burgess too? please(: thank you and God Bless !

Posted:  19 Sep 2007 10:45
the Chours goes like this: thank you for the food on my table thank you for the bed I sleep on thank you for the shoes on my feet and thank you for my family
Posted:  02 Oct 2007 00:05
i want to thank yuo lord, for loving me
i want to thank you lord, for all youve given me
Posted:  17 Oct 2007 09:24
if anyone of you who has a copy of this song Pls. send me an MP3 of this  "Thank You Lord" (for the trials that come my way)

my email add is:   joy_woodard81@yahoo.com

i really love this song...thanks and God Bless...
Posted:  17 Oct 2007 12:35
Here's another song entitled "Thank You Lord"

Thank You Lord

There’s no rhyme or reason why,
                       G                    D
God should send His Son to die.

For such a fool as I, but Thank You Lord.

In His loving arms I’ll hide,
           G                             D
‘Till I reach that home on high
                                      A7               D
All my burdens will be lifted for evermore.

          He’s my Hope and Consolation
          He’s the Rock of my Salvation

          And Shelter when the storms of life rage on. He’s the light that guides the way
          And turns darkness in to day
                                      A7                         D
          And hears me when I pray, Thank You Lord.

It won’t be long now ‘till I go

On that journey to my home

Where streets are paved with gold, Thank You Lord.

in a land of wealth I’m told

Where we never shall grow old

We’ll sing for evermore, Thank You Lord.

Posted:  30 Oct 2007 17:08
Hi everyone, I'm also looking for an MP3 of "Thank You Lord" by Dan Burgess. Tried looking everywhere for it. If anyone has a copy, please email me at migraine_pain@hotmail.com
Posted:  05 Nov 2007 22:43
I think the song you are looking for is the same one I'm looking for.  "Thank You" on the "Joy in the House" album.  Here are the words to the chorus and the verse.  Please email me if you know where I can get the accompaniment track.  (buster2001@comast.net)

Thank You, thank you, thank You, Lord
For all you've done
I'm here to say,  I just want to thank You, Lord

Your mercy overwhelms me
Don't know where I would be if Your love hadn't found me
And I'm here to say,  I just want to thank You, Lord

Oh Thank You, Lord
Cause You, You forgave me, You saved me
You raised me and   Lord, you changed me
And I'm, I'm right here to say,  I just want to thank You, Lord
Thank You, Lord
Posted:  07 Nov 2007 04:00
Here is a good chord by chord tutorial for the original "Thank You Lord" posted.

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