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Posted:  22 Jul 2008 08:40
I heard a song on Christian radio while I was driving over the Cascades, but can only remember partial phrases.  "Just think ... finding it heaven ... hand... finding it God's ... air ... finding it celestial ... glory ... finding it home." I tried searching on Google but came up dry.
Posted:  22 Jul 2008 16:20
Perhaps this is it:

Finally Home

When engulfed by the terror of the tempestuous sea,
Unknown waves before you roll;
At the end of doubt and peril is eternity,
Though fear and conflict seize your soul.

But just think of stepping on shore-And finding it Heaven!
Of touching a hand-And finding it God's!
Of breathing new air-And finding it celestial!
Of waking up in glory-And finding it home!

When surrounded by the blackness of the darkest night,
O how lonely death can be;
At the end of this long tunnel is a shining light,
For death is swallowed up in victory!

But just think of stepping on shore-And finding it Heaven!
Of touching a hand-And finding it God's!
Of breathing new air-And finding it celestial!
Of waking up in glory-And finding it home!
Posted:  16 Sep 2010 20:44
Who sings this??
Posted:  23 Sep 2010 19:21
Don't know who's actually recorded it but Don Wyrtzen wrote it.  I, too, heard it many years ago on the radio and have heard it at various times since then.  It's a very powerful song and I had been thinking about it lately but didn't know the name of it so I could see if it's in our church's hymnal. 

I was thinking about it today because my pastor's mother passed away early this morning and that made me think of that moment when we enter into our inheritance when we die. 

I did learn that it apparently is based on a poem named 'Just Think' by an unknown author.

Very powerful song that evokes a very real picture of when we touch a hand on the other side and find it God's and enter into our eternal home, the land of righteousness.
Posted:  26 Sep 2010 04:44
Christine Wyrtzen is the only person I know who ever recorded it...beautiful song!!!
Posted:  15 Nov 2010 16:34
Robbie Hiner recorded the song as well. However, other than the LP I have, I have not been able to find the song on the web.
Posted:  24 Nov 2010 16:23
Mina Oglesby has this song and other songs about heaven on an album, A Glimpse of Heaven. You can find it at the following link.

http://www.minao.com/index.php?option=com_wra ...
Posted:  08 Aug 2011 16:11
Just heard this song in church yesterday!  I had been thinking about it all week and was going to look for the lyrics and then it was sung as a special.  It so blessed my heart.  It's a great song!
Posted:  20 Aug 2011 04:36
Does anybody know where I can get the music?
Posted:  02 Oct 2011 19:31
I hum this song frequently, and especially now that my mother is in the processess of "stepping on shore and finding it home."  Today I dug the cassette out after finding no lyrics from online searching. "Finally Home" is from Sharon & Robin's "Breathe on Me, Rain on Me" from the 80's where this song, among others, is wonderfully performed.  S&R toured churches in the 80's.  Music is produced by Two Sisters Productions, 1830 Air Lane Drive, Nashville, TN 37210.
Posted:  05 Jan 2012 06:46
Just found this on youtube

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_df1iKigHyc  (can't say I'm impressed with the video, but the singer is great!)

Also, another one, it's the piano being played, no vocals
Posted:  08 May 2012 18:28
The best version of this I ever heard was done by Johnny Hall in the early 80s.
Posted:  12 May 2012 19:36
You can find the music in the Majesty Music Hymnal.
Posted:  19 Jul 2012 23:48
these are the words on this page incase you can't understand them,  the video is a memorial tosome man.  I guess they showed the pictures while this music played.
Posted:  20 Jul 2012 01:12
Does anyone know for sure who wrote these lyrics.    I found something by a michael podesta using almost the identical wording to the chorus of this song but called Imagine.
Posted:  24 Jul 2012 21:27
I believe the byrics were written by L. E. Singer and the music by Don Wyrtzen.
Posted:  05 Sep 2012 02:58
Yup, lyrics were written by L. E. Singer and the music by Don Wyrtzen. Beautiful and most soothing
Posted:  17 Sep 2012 02:30
Posted:  04 Oct 2012 20:43
Burt Kettinger sung it
Posted:  11 Dec 2012 00:31
Ben Markley also sang this
Posted:  21 Mar 2013 08:06
There are two songs by this name,"Finally Home."
1~ Christine Wyrtzen sang an old gospel hymn, beautiful.  Done by many artists.
2 ~ L.E. Singer  (words) and Don Wyrtzen (Music) wrote a beautiful song (more recent, I think).  The piano accompaniment is almost classical, rather than a classic (meaning old and well-loved) hymn.
The Singer/Wyrtzen one is by Stephen Hall, with nice video.
Posted:  30 May 2013 04:34
the final verse to the song is
''Oh that will be glory for me
glory for me, glory for me
When by His Grace
I shall look on His face..
That will be glory ... be glory for me
Posted:  18 Jun 2013 23:10
There is a beautiful version of Finally Home on the album Beyond the Tears by the Don Marsh Orchestra. If this one speaks to you, you will likely appreciate the other songs on the album as well.
Posted:  02 Nov 2013 22:34
Alvin Martinez of North Valley Baptist Church has a solo version of this.  I bought one of his CD's when a tour group from Golden State Baptist College came to our church
Posted:  11 Nov 2013 19:11
My great grandmother wrote this on the inside of her Bible and I read it at my grandmother's memorial service.
Posted:  19 Jan 2014 09:09
My wife's father passed tonight lying in bed determined to please HIM with our faith what a comfort this song has been
Posted:  31 Oct 2014 19:53
The version I always used to hear on the radio back in the early 80s was by Steve Boalt. Here's a link to the version on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goxPWbtBOJI
Posted:  28 Mar 2015 04:56
I have been searching for the music for this song for so long... if anyone has the music as well as sheet music for this, please e-mail me at 'logopanayiota@gmail.com' ... it's so very comforting and beautiful and I would love to be able to sing it for others to comfort them ... thank you. Pani
Posted:  28 Mar 2015 04:58
I heard this on a Christian radio station in South Africa many years ago (Radio Good News)... I am searching for the people who were running that radio station because they helped me through a very difficult time of my life and I want to be able to thank them.
Posted:  23 Jun 2015 13:16
Johnny Hall also sings this. It's a memorable song.
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