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The Hymn Lyrics Detective / Forum / Hymn Lyrics - Search Requests / who sings "That's what Judas didn't know?"
Posted:  18 Jul 2006 04:53
I have the lyrics to this song,but do not know the tune. Has anyone heard of it and could you possibly let me know either who sings it or where I might purchase a cassete or CD?   Thanks, debbie
Posted:  18 Jul 2006 06:38
Misty Freeman.I'm listenin to that song right now.
Posted:  18 Jul 2006 19:50
Wow!! that was quick...thank u so much.. A lady at church had asked me if i knew it and would like to sing it with her one day....thanks again and God Bless, debbie
Posted:  21 Jul 2006 01:16
your welcome and misty freeman is a very good singer
Posted:  01 Aug 2006 07:21
The Freemans are a great group!  Listening right now to that same song.  Awesome message in there.
Posted:  02 Aug 2006 04:15
Just out of curiousity, Where did u get the CD or cassette? I have searched at different Christian bookstores around middle TN and have not found it yet.. just curious if u have to order online? do any of y'all know?  thanks for the input on this song..i have never heard it and do not know the tune, although i do have all the words..thanx again..debbie
Posted:  14 Sep 2007 19:36
Misty Freeman Is Who Sings The Song And You Can Purchase Tapes Or Cd's at most Christian Stores
Posted:  14 Sep 2007 19:38
East Tennessee Is A Good Place To Search Online it Has Special Links To Find The Song
Posted:  24 Mar 2008 03:50
its a great song!!!!!!! it has a very good message for those who are listening to it
Posted:  28 Apr 2008 22:02
You Can Buy The C.D at The Baptist Bookroom and its called 16 great southern gospal songs vol.6
Posted:  30 Jun 2008 02:11
would somebody send me the lyrics to that song? would be greatly appreciated...

Posted:  30 Jun 2008 18:48
need the lyrics too
Posted:  03 Jul 2008 07:37
I need the lyrics to that song. Please send them to me. God Bless!!

Posted:  06 Jan 2009 16:37
I really need the lyrics to What Judas didn't know. If you can or would please send them to johndeerehottie_001@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance!
Posted:  21 Apr 2010 18:42
play that song on youtube.com: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAFoyJZRn-U&am ...

to transcribe a song, let it play a sentence, than pause the player until you get it typed to paper. then continue etc.
Posted:  02 Oct 2012 04:02
Would anyone know where to find the chords to this song what Judas didn't know
Posted:  25 Apr 2015 21:28
I heard the composer, Kim McLean (Patton-Johnston), sing this beautiful song in Savannah a number of years ago and couldn't help but weep at the overwhelming expression of God's grace and mercy.
- RMG, www.Power2ools.com
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