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Posted:  15 Jul 2008 12:32
I'm looking for the words to the song  Windows of my soul.
Its goes something like this;
He's walking to and fro from the windows of my soul.
Can anyone help me please?
Posted:  16 Jul 2008 04:11
"Windows of My Soul" is a GREAT song, written and recorded by Quinton Mills.  It was probably one of his two biggest hits (the other being "Lily of the Valley")

Held a prisoner by my sin
The battle ragin' deep within
Searchin' everywhere to find
No peace and comfort for my mind
But when everything had falied, to calm the tempest that did roll
Jehovah-God did prevail, and brought deliverance to my soul.

Though storms are ragin' all around
I know I stand on solid ground
So rejected and abused
The cornerstone has not been moved
I've got a right to rejoice
You see I know him as my lord
Right now he's walkin' to and fro'
Through the windows of my soul

Through these windows you will see
Reassurance for my needs
If you look closer you will find
Sweet peace and comfort for my mind
You see I'm bound for heaven, and not hell
Amazing grace has prevailed
Right now he's walkin' to and fro'
Through the windows of my soul.

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