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Posted:  14 Jul 2008 19:02
Does anyone know this song,I think it  is  called You are my king or You  are
the king of who I  am.
Thanks so very Much.
Posted:  19 Jul 2008 21:34
You are my King, You are the Lamb
Lion of Judah, seed of Abraham
The Holy One, God's only Son
You are the King of who I am
Posted:  24 Jul 2008 19:45
My days are filled with laughter
My heart has known Your peace
I've traveled far, still there is far to go
'Cause in my heart there is a longing to look upon Your face
Where You are is where I want to be


Every Road I travel down, you have walked before me
Made the light to shine out in darkness
I am looking for the day where when I bow before you
Lay my crowns at your feet
Posted:  14 Oct 2010 00:19
what a WONDERFUL SONG and how beautifully sung when a singer is a true worshipper and not a performer,  The annointing flows and we experience GODs PRESENCE.

does anyone know where i can get the backing track?
Posted:  02 Mar 2014 06:25
The King of Who I Am
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