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Posted:  06 Jul 2006 02:54
I would love to have the lyrics to this song.  All I know is that it sounds like an old bluegrass gospel song. I'm not sure who sings or sang it(other than a man who visited our church). The only lyrics,I think, the chorus is "Leave behind, oh leave behind.....after i leave(soar?) to worlds unknown, what will i leave behind?" Any help would be very much appreciated..thanx alot, debbie
Posted:  07 Jul 2006 06:02
1.] After I leave for worlds unknown over the border line never again on earth to roam what will I leave behind.

Chorus.] Leave behind, yes leave behind what will I leave behind after I leave for worlds unknown what will I leave behind.

2.] will I be missed by those I love or have I been unkind have I been true to God above what will I leave behind.

3.] This is my prayer oh Lord today let me be holy thine and when I am called from earth away let Heaven then be mine.

Debbie, i really love this song also. This is a very important question we all can ask ourselves.  God Bless You,    Sherry    p.s. there is a web site called calvinclark.com and it has a lot of song lyrics on it in alphabetical order...just thought you might be interested in it.
Posted:  10 Jul 2006 21:34
    Thank you so much for taking the time to not only post these lyrics, but also for the website info. I have not checked it out yet,(my computer is not running quite like it should since my teenage daughter has been on here last) but it sounds like something i will really enjoy.
    I do believe as u do that this is a very important question that this song asks.  I think it is probably the next most important right after, "Where will I spend eternity?" 
    Again, I thank you and God Bless...now I wont have to sing the same lines over and over..debbie
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