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Posted:  04 Jul 2006 05:50
I've used this in several setlists.  Anyone have the lyrics and chords.  Most importantly, I need the songwriter's name.  PLEASE SEARCH THE BOOK AGAIN.  Thanks so much for any help.
Posted:  04 Jul 2006 16:25   Last Edited By: steveliu
Hi BlueGrassGospelGirl

You can find the lyrics here.

The songwriter's name is Jerry Goff.

There's a nice bluegrass recording of it here

God bless!
Posted:  12 Oct 2007 02:00
Please Search The Book Again
                                                                          Key of  F

I dreamed that I had died and gone to Heaven
     G                                       D
I stood just outside the Eastern Gates

The man from the Gate, said, “Have you’ve been born again,”
             E                                             A7
And is your name written in the Book of Life?

                                          D      G
            Please search the Book again
            I thought my name was there
            I went to church on Sunday
                       G                     D
            But I never knelt in prayer
            Please search the Book again
            It’s too late now I know
            Please search the Book again
                 G            D
            Before you make me go.

I told him all the things that I had done
   G                                             D
I told him all the trophies I had won

But the man said to me have you been set free?
      E                                     A7
Is your name written in the Book of Life?


And then he turned and left me standing there
   G                                              D
I knew it was too late now for prayer

So my sinner friend if you want to make it in
          E                                            A7
Then your name must be in the Book of Life!

Posted:  20 Dec 2008 19:43
my grandmother sings that song ! her name is Burita Mullins.she has 3 kids 1. sheena 2. athena 3. my dad. she has 7 grandchildren 1. me 2. Erica 3. my brother 4. taylor 5. anthony 6.my sis 7. areabella!
Posted:  20 Dec 2008 19:52
she also sings god in the mountain, go down mosis ,and other ones i don't know she teaches me her songs all the time that because i am the only 1 of the grand kids that can sing good.

12 year of life i have learned only 3 songs!
Posted:  30 May 2010 04:09
this is a beautiful song i have never heard this song before it is a great  song
Posted:  20 Oct 2010 21:42
I have been ask to sing this song and cannot seem to find the sheet music for it.  Can anyone hel?? monica@firstbaptistarcadia.com
Posted:  08 Aug 2016 22:51
This chart is not in the key of F, by the way,.
Posted:  10 Aug 2016 01:24
I would guess the chart is in the key of D.
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