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Posted:  16 Mar 2017 12:14
Thank you for this song. It humbles me and makes me feel better about the pains my family has gone through in this life time. I thank the Lord Jesus for being a friend I can talk to. I thank God for His love for me, for even when times get hard He is always there.
Posted:  25 Apr 2017 10:22
the song is touching so much thank u
Posted:  19 Jun 2017 07:28
Blessed Savior,How Great Thou Art!!!
Posted:  19 Aug 2017 10:23
Thank You Father! Heard the hymn in my spirit also
Posted:  12 Oct 2017 20:15
I love this song so much!! It's touches my soul so deeply. My mother pasted away almost two years ago and it was the song I sang as we went to the hospital. I also sung we believe by the newsboys. Know this- if bad things happen don't blam God. He will lead you through all your trials and suffering! You'll come out stronger than ever! Remember-it's okay to cry, Jesus cry too before he took that cross to die for your sins
Posted:  12 Oct 2017 20:18
God is goooood all the time, he put his song of praise in this hart of mine.....God iiiiiis gooooood!
Posted:  12 Oct 2017 20:19
Posted:  02 Nov 2017 17:45
This song reveals God's greatness to me.It is inspiring and soul touching.Thank God.Alex
Posted:  24 Nov 2017 21:00
This is not a burial song.....please listen to the lyrics...this is simply a power  bank. If you have given your life to Christ and have a recreated human spirit rewired' by the holy ghost them meditate on this song , with your imagination in high gear, you will be amazed as you quickly soar into Gods network....it's awesome !! I can't express it with mere word's, it's supernatural I mean, his presence just wraps up everything and you are lost in his glory in a twinkle of an eye, God bless  brother for posting this....and may h7s grace abound more in  your life
Posted:  19 Dec 2017 05:42
Thank you so much for posting this song...
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