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Posted:  21 Sep 2015 10:57
Oooh am so blessed
Posted:  10 Nov 2015 04:06
Thank you, been humming this song for a whole day.
Posted:  10 Nov 2015 09:04
This morning the holy Spirit has touching me through Psalm 65:5, 66:3; Say to God, How awesome are Your deeds!.
So I love God.
Posted:  10 Nov 2015 14:40
And all the earth shall sing unto Thee
                   (Psalms 66:4)
Posted:  21 Nov 2015 02:12
This song has ministered to me since the days of Radio ELWA from Monrovia  Liberia in the 1970s
Its so inspiring and ageless because it talks of our 'Antient of ages'
God bless you all
Posted:  29 Nov 2015 18:40
Life.... sometimes up and down but the LORD GOD always there and says.....''  I will never leave you nor forsake you ''. Thank You so much Lord....How great thou art.......  Amen
Posted:  13 Dec 2015 09:53
Thank you for keeping this Great Song Lyrics and God bless you all and please keep it up Thank you
Posted:  14 Jan 2016 06:45
A very inspiring song.  I love it.
Posted:  03 Feb 2016 11:29
Thank you
Posted:  05 Feb 2016 10:11
Thank you for posting it.
Posted:  05 Feb 2016 10:16
I woke up early this mornig after saying my morning prayers what comes to my mind was how great thou art..then i tried to sing it i could not then i checked the internet i found it..very thankful for posting this song..ODILI from eastern NIGERIA.
Posted:  18 Feb 2016 20:01
Thanks you. I was doing my morning devitonal and i been going theough a tuff time. I started humming this song so i looked it up and did a little praise and worship session with the trinity.
Posted:  23 Mar 2016 01:17
Trying to sing myself to sleep with this awesome hymn. Not sure if anyone added this yet but the words that someone mentioned were a bit wrong are in the second line where says "Consider all the worlds thy hands have made", should say Consider all the works thy hand hath made. He only created one world. His work is amazing tho :-)  thank you.
Posted:  30 Mar 2016 07:30
I kept singing this song in my heart.
It keeps running in me. I love it
Posted:  06 Apr 2016 05:59
May the Lord bless you, keep you well and sweet, may nothing defeat you, sing on ...
Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,
Posted:  11 Apr 2016 13:32
Wonderful... How great art thou.. oh our Lord.
Posted:  12 May 2016 02:27
I was humming this song, thanks so much for posting it.

Posted:  17 May 2016 08:18
Thanks,  God bless!
Posted:  04 Jun 2016 00:12
God bless you for posting this song
Posted:  18 Jun 2016 15:26
this song comforts my heart. it gives me hope for peace and joy for success that the Lord is coming soon. thank you
Posted:  11 Jul 2016 11:35
This is one of the greatest hymns ever written and ever sang.....May be sing and sing this in Heaven. Indeed! How Great Thou Art.....
Posted:  24 Aug 2016 19:06
God with you- inspiring song. Reji Kurian
Posted:  10 Sep 2016 11:59
God you are great
Posted:  11 Sep 2016 13:11
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not a funeral song. it was birthed under the influence of the Holy Spirit to encourage us and the proclaim the Glory of God in all its majesty. Please stop pegging this song to funeral events, its for daily devotion and meditation. Shalom
Posted:  09 Jan 2017 11:31
I was singing this song in my spirit. I googled it but the first hits for Lyrics were not this version. This is the age-old and timeless version that I was looking for. Thank you for posting it and God bless you.
Posted:  26 Jan 2017 12:28
This song is wonderful to me, i love it. Than you Jesus
Posted:  26 Jan 2017 12:29
"Thank you Jesus"
Posted:  03 Mar 2017 21:24
Posted:  08 Mar 2017 11:15
Thank you so much for sharing those lyrics.. I was searching for that...really great work.. thank you again...and Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ..
Posted:  15 Mar 2017 04:14
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