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Posted:  01 Jul 2006 18:41
need words to karen peck song "I Wanna Know How It Feels"
Posted:  26 Jul 2006 16:54
Verse 1

My momma and daddy talked about going home
Since I was just a babe on their knees
They said that nothing compared to what was waiting up there how one day we would finally be free
Well, I've never seen it but I keep on believing it will be a place like I've never known
I keep my eyes on the sky 'cause my soul wants to fly
Lord, my heart is ready to go


I want to know how it feels
To make my way down the streets of gold
I want to know how it feels
To have a talk with the saints of old
I want to know what it's like
To rest my feet by the River of Life
I've heard of heaven and I know that it's real
I want to know how it feels

Verse 2

Sometimes I get weary from this life that I live
It seems that peace is something I'll never find
I try to lighten my load when all that I've got to show is seven hundred things on my mind
Well, I'm seeing visions of a crystal clear river
where sin's forgotten without a trace
More than I've ever dreamed my eyes long to see the look of love on my Savior's face
Posted:  09 Aug 2006 04:59
I love every song you every wrote
Posted:  21 Dec 2006 00:35
this song has the most awesome meaning to it i heard this song from my friends daddy at church and they sungit real well!!!
Posted:  06 Feb 2007 18:34   Last Edited By: steveliu
Since there's a lot of interest in the song, thought I'd post a URL to download the album on Amazon:

Triumph CDhttp://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=namethathymnl-20&l=ur2&o=1

Here's a link to an accompaniment CD for those interested in singing it:

Accompaniment CD at Christianbook.Com

Accompaniment CD at Parable.Com

...and an individual track on iTunes:

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-wanna-kno ...

Enjoy! It's a great song.

Posted:  13 Feb 2007 15:27
a teenager sasng this song in Church her name was Sabrina.
She sings really good!
If it wasn't for Sabrina i would never know this song!
Thanks Sabrina!
Posted:  22 Feb 2007 00:06
I love this song! I am going to sing it my chuch and I pray that it will Bless someone's Heart like it Blessed mine when I first heard it!

Posted:  25 Feb 2007 23:35
I love this song it blesses me. I printed it and I hope to sing it in a church my husband preaches at. I pray it blesses them as much as it did me..
Posted:  18 Mar 2007 02:21
I love this song so much I play the piano for my church and I am going to play and sing it for my church and I hope that it touches someone as much as it did me when I heard it....
Posted:  23 Mar 2007 02:12
I really wanna know what its like... God is sooo awesome!!!

God bless! heres my church's website!


Enjoy and God bless every one in Jesus' Name!!!
Posted:  23 Apr 2007 05:16
it really captivate my attention when i heard this song.... the message is so clear and simple.....

To karen peck, God bless  your talent and to the rest of the band... hope more songs to come.... more people are blessed by the messages of your song.

More power to yah!

God bless
Posted:  25 Jun 2007 22:38
Posted:  24 Jul 2007 11:39
I have never had the holy spirt come in to me until I listen to the song I want to know how it feels, I stared to shake and dance & cry it was so good to feel that way I keep playing it to feel the holy sprit in me I am disabled with chronic back pain & have hep-c, I know God will heal me if you know anything to help my healing please e-mail me and I will keep paying you CD.
Ronnie (winstonlong@aol.com)
Posted:  05 Aug 2007 06:17
my cousin sang this on her cd
Posted:  24 Sep 2007 04:28
I love this song my cuz sings it in church and she sings it on her dads cd..
Posted:  11 Oct 2007 04:08
this song has awesome meaning, i first heard it from some people that came to our church. keep on singing songs like this!!!!
Posted:  21 Oct 2007 08:16
I love this song I wanna know how it feels, when I listen to it the holy spirit comes onto me, and I had never had the holy spirit come in to me before. I have your CD, Best Of Karen Peck and New River I wish I had the words to all 16 songs on it.
May God Bless you All
Melvin Cornwell
Posted:  27 Oct 2007 02:24
I love this song. 

           Akeyls Grigsby
Posted:  27 Oct 2007 02:28
I love this song. It is so good. Even when i sang it!!

Akeyls Grigsby.
Posted:  07 Nov 2007 18:47
This Truly is ab outstanding song. I have heard My grandmother sing it in church many times, and now I truly understand the meaning! Thanks and God Bless!
Posted:  09 Mar 2008 04:26
I really like this song (I want to know how it feels) and I want to sing it in my church but I REALLY need the chords to it.  I hope somebody, anybody can help me!! Thanks
Posted:  20 Apr 2008 15:53
i am trying to find its not over till its over by the McGruders? Cant find the words any where
Posted:  25 Apr 2008 00:55
I was so happy to find this web page, it really helped me.
Posted:  21 May 2008 02:51
this sing is so good

Posted:  16 Jun 2008 18:35
My chori group and I sung it at church camp this past week and it was a blessing to me and a lot of other prople..its great!! 
Posted:  11 Jul 2008 10:37
my Youth Group  Or Choir  Song This At our  youth Explosion WE Had  And Alot Of People Was Saved Some healed everyone that was there was in the alter praise god   so god bless this song and you all to
Posted:  17 Jul 2008 03:07
i love this song it is soooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!! it touches a bunches of poples hearts
Posted:  27 Jul 2008 04:17
Praise the Lord, I was in my car when I first heard this song.  I felt as if I could fly away at that very moment.  Thank God that someday I will know how it feels.   Thank you for posting the lyrics..

Missy Vidito
Elisha's Creek Bluegrass
Posted:  06 Aug 2008 00:43
This song is great! Our teen youth group sang this, and I felt like crying (tears of joy) everytime we sang it.
Posted:  07 Aug 2008 00:35
hey does anyone know the chords to this song? like...& where they go or when to switch if...so please email me @ mel_mel_715@hotmail.com
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