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Posted:  25 Jun 2006 21:39
please help me find the lyrics to this song, I don't know who sings it-- but has such wonderful message in it.    mary s.
Posted:  25 Jun 2006 21:40
the title is the old plow boy or 'when the crops are laid by.
Posted:  26 Jun 2006 05:09
I believe this song was sung at my church tonight.  i think it must be the same one.they called it the old plow boy and i rememeber hearing the other line as well in the song. if no one posts the words or if i cant find them beforehand,  i will be able to get them for u during church on wed. night...good luck, debbie
Posted:  29 Jun 2006 19:44
Hi Mary,
    I thought I posted these last night, but must have hit "preview reply" instead of posting it, so please excuse if I have duplicated.  I did get the words at church last night as I said. I do want u to know that they did not come from an official church songbook, but rather a binder with a lot of hand-written copied songs, so I am not sure every word is exactly right, but it is what has been handed down over the years and is a beautiful song...This is what I have. Sorry if i have posted 2 copies. hope this helps..God Bless, debbie....and you're right, it does have an awesome message!
   Ole Plowboy

V1  I'm just an ole plow boy
     Working hard in the field
     My crop is salvation
     And the wealth that it yields
     I work for the Master, the King of the skies
     And someday I'm gonna see Him
     When the crops are laid by

Chorus   When the crops are laid by
         And our work here is done
         I wanna see Jesus,
         Hear His voice say, "Well done."
         Then this ole plowboy
         is gonna head for the sky
         You can look for me in glory
         When the crops are laid by

V2    I'll sit down with Jesus
      My Lord and my King
      And we'll talk it all over
      We won't miss one thing
      He'll tell me all about
      The things I dont understand
      When the crops are laid by
      And I'm in Canaan's fair land
Posted:  15 Jan 2010 22:12
what group or person sings this song?
Posted:  17 Mar 2010 03:00
It was recorded by The Inspirations on an album called The Wonder Of Wonders.  The album is showing no longer available on The Inspirations website.  If anyone knows where I can get a copy please email me at mike_bartons@yahoo.com
Posted:  26 Dec 2010 23:34
Thank you so very much.  I have searched and searched   through song books, and searched the web to no avail.    But" when the time is fully come," it was sent unto me .   This song means so much to me.   THANK YOU AGAIN!
Posted:  28 Oct 2012 04:37
   Thanks for the words to "odl plow boy" I had searched, and ask ever where I could think of and was ready to give up----BUT THE LORD--Led me to this web page. And thank God he did. You and all of GOD'S children be BLESSED!!
Posted:  13 Nov 2012 22:31
Do you have music or a track to it?
Posted:  27 Sep 2013 16:14
that ant all of it
Posted:  11 Nov 2014 23:08
Written by ivy lee penland
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