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Posted:  17 Jun 2006 19:57
I am looking for the lyrics to Jesus Walks ahead of me.

Satan can't Harm or bother me cause Jesus walks ahead of me
Posted:  09 Jul 2010 08:49
Jesus Walks Ahead Of Me

My Heart Is So Heavy And Burdened Down With Grief

This Valley So Low, The Mountain It’s So Steep

There’s A Brighter Day Coming, And Soon I’ll Reach The Top

For Jesus Walks Ahead Of Me, Moves All Stumbling Blocks

    Jesus Walks Ahead Of Me, He Makes My Path Straight

    He Leads Me Through The Valley, And Listens When I Pray

    If I Ask Him In Faith Believing, He’ll Take Care Of All My Needs.

    Oh Satan Cannot Harm Me, For Jesus Walks Ahead Of Me.

Every Step That I Take, He’s Just One Step Ahead.

Every Mountain That I Climb, My Footsteps He Has Led

Soon This Journey Will Be Ended, From Heartaches I’ll Be Set Free

No More Disappointments, For Jesus Walks Ahead Of Me.

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