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Posted:  06 Jun 2008 20:22
I have the lyrics, but need help finding the author.  Even if you might know where I would look, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you!

Oh, How Sweet is the Victory
Written By: ???????????

Oh, the storm has finally past, I can see the sun shine
At last there's a rainbow appearance just of me
Sure I've suffered for a while, but He's gave me a brand new smile
Oh, how sweet is the victory

Oh, How sweet is the victory after the battle has been won
When I've left the valley far behind,
Living on the mountain walking in the sunshine
Oh, how sweet is the victory

Well the old river was dark and wide,
But He was standing on the other side
Jesus has led me safely across the raging tide
There were many times I thought I'd drown,
But He was standing on solid ground, and Oh, how sweet is the victory
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