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Posted:  16 Dec 2007 04:27
I was wondering, I have the version by Michael W. Smith (it's on "Worship Again") but I heard a different version, same lirics & such, but sung by another band or worship group. I wonder if any of you heard it? I am really trying to find this group...

If any of you have any questions or answers (preferrably 8P) please contact me on luizpola-namethathimn .at. yahoo.com

Thanks guys and gals
Posted:  28 Jan 2008 06:00
A powerful song that truly conveys the Lord's majesty.  It has both comforted and inspired me during times of grief and turmoil.  It assures us that God is indeed all powerful and in control of everything.   For everything afterall  (including us), is His creation....  Praise God, the alpha and omega; beginning and end.
Posted:  07 May 2008 23:38
I really love this song!
Posted:  25 Jun 2008 04:48
i recently decided to search christian rock songs on the internet as i saw a commercial for an amazing, inspiring cd called its our time while running on the treadmill. anyways, i sang this song once on a mission trip and it was so beautiful with the male and female vocal parts. i truly feel inspired while singing and listening to this song. i cannot wait to past the lyrics on my wall.
Posted:  15 Nov 2008 18:25
i have just been on retreat at the SPEC centre near st albans. i sang this song with my group and it made everyone cry. Really moving song, everyone should know it.  thankyou lord for letting me share the last few days with the amazing SPEC team.

Catherine, 14
Posted:  26 Nov 2008 00:15
It is a GREAT son...HOWEVER....Michael W. Smith didn't write is.  A man names Mark Imboden wrote it.  The reason I know this is because I've performed it with him several times, and we were singing this song in Tennessee at Milligan College when it was still just written down on a piece of paper.
Posted:  23 Dec 2008 06:29
i'm looking for the soundtrack that doesnt have the voice in it? I really need it by christmas...
Posted:  23 Jun 2009 04:52
awesome song! when i was in africa we sang it alot so it reminds me of there
Posted:  16 Nov 2009 00:20
Great song. Blessed me and my family. Praise be to God
Posted:  04 Mar 2010 21:30
i need piano notes for this song help plz
Posted:  09 Apr 2010 22:27
does any one have free sheet music?
Posted:  08 Sep 2010 14:31
Anyone got a violin piece?
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